Well, no news is good news – especially when it comes to echocardiograms.  It’s been over a week since I had mine done and I have received zero news concerning the results.  I’m assuming it’s “All normal.  No need to call and bother him with the results.” as opposed to: “Holy shit!  Let the poor guy enjoy what little time he has left in blissful ignorance.”.  Of course, there’s also the possibility they forgot to submit the results or their equipment failed to process the data (Their systems were, admittedly, a little wonky that day).  Whatever.  I’m taking this as a good sign.

In retrospect, we were fortunate to sneak in that Tuesday taco tour when we did because I have a sneaking suspicious we may be going back into some sort of limited lockdown very soon.  Again, not exactly sure what’s going on.  The omicron variant, which is becoming the dominant strain, is apparently much more contagious – but, on the other hand, causes much less severe covid.  Hospitalizations in South Africa, where the omicron ran rampant, have actually dropped off significantly.  In the U.K., on the other hand,  there are reports that someone died with omicron .  Alas, no details on the patient, their age or possible comorbidities because that is apparently privileged information and why do we need to know anyway?

They’re rolling out the boosters here in Canada starting next week.  Not sure which one to get.  There are studies that show mixing vaccines is the most effective way to go which means I should go Moderna.  But he CEO of Pfizer says Moderna isn’t very good, comparatively speaking.  And I believe him because he is an accomplished veterinarian after all.

So, what are you all doing?  Boosters?  Vitamin D and zinc?  Healing crystals?

Today’s Yes/No…

I’d definitely try it!

And a few somethings from the Stargate vault…

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12 thoughts on “December 16, 2021: No new is good news! Hopefully.

  1. My Moderna booster is scheduled for this coming Monday! I think the fear is that even if Omicron is less severe, the sheer increased numbers means more people requiring hospitalization. I think it’s too early to tell one way or the other yet, but certainly caution is warranted.

    I’d take the lack of call about the test as a good sign, but if it increases your peace of mind it’s worth a follow up. They’ve often told me after a test though, if I don’t hear anything then it was fine.

    1. Hmm, we’ve never had doctors with that attitude, they’ve always called to say things were fine. I would check to make sure the tests have been done, plus it feels good to be certified healthy. Sending the best of wishes your way, Joe!

  2. i believe the vast majority of those who take the shot will be dropping like flies few years down the road along with a massive increase in infertility. That was always the plan. Either that or the trillionaires would have to stop suppressing zero point tech….which in reality was never going to happen!

  3. Testing results released over here today show that two jabs against Omicron is 37.2% efficacy. So, it is important to have the booster. It will be February 2022 before we can have ours.

    The sheer numbers of Omicron is the concern (and it is not as mild as some are saying and it is a resistent little devil, too). So, we need to do it all: vaccinate, booster shots, masks, social distancing and good hygiene. If people would do the right thing in crowded spaces, then we can minimise the risk quite a bit without needing to lock down. However …

  4. Also, poor, poor Egeria. That was a sad episode. I hope the Tok’ra eventually find an answer to their reproduction problem.

  5. Joe you need to call about your tests results. They have obviously dropped the ball.

    I use to work for a major pharmaceutical company in the US. In payroll. The Pfizer CEO will make more money off of the Covid pandemic than anyone in history. Then he will retire. It’s all about money. When it comes to cost of medication that we pay, Pharmaceutical companies’ attitude is, “what is your fill in the blank worth to you?” That is a quote.

    I wish the news would put up a map, with dots, showing where the Covid cases are. One color dot for where the patient lives and one color dot for where they think they picked up the virus. Could they please just narrow it down to my part of town and my neighborhood?

    Joe wrote, “I’d definitely try it!”
    This makes me positive my “no” answer was correct. 🙂
    If I pretended it was an Oreo Cookie cake, maybe…

  6. When we got the first round of shots, we didn’t get to pick the brand. Will that be different this time? I have read that it’s better to mix them, if you have a choice.

    As for me, I’m not worried about his new variant but I’m not overweight or sick with any comorbidities that would make me a target. The best bet is to ask your Dr. Don’t take advice from any of us on this. 😉

    Here, if the Dr finds something alarming on tests he/she will call you right away. I’d take this as a good sign that you didn’t get word yet.

    No on the cake and I ❤ the sketches!

  7. I had my Moderna booster at the end of October right after they were approved because I work for UPS as a driver helper at this time of year. I didn’t have a big reaction to it, either. My second shot was the worst one.

  8. You may need to call for those results before the doc jets off to Belize for the holidays.

    In the beginning we were told to not cross the streams and only get boosters for the same brand originally given; other types of vaccines don’t mix and match. Moderna has the best track record.

    Moderna’s first dose had stronger efficacy for a longer period of time. Moderna is gold and Johnson and Johnson is that poor ski jumper who bites it in the Wide World of Sports “agony of defeat” video.

    Omicron seems to sneak past the vaccine in some people who’ve had the first vaccine dose, so it’s good to get that third vaccine dose aka second booster, especially of the Pfizer.

  9. Booster today for me and the other half, we’ll get the Pfizer as we had Astra Zeneca last 2 times, and as they work differently and may target different virus proteins they work well / better together ( synergy! ).
    Bloomberg say the USA CDC “prefer” the Pfizer and Moderna to the J&J option.

    The UK death was “With Omicon NOT FROM Omicon” .. was a elderly make with several existing health conditions. His step son was on a london radio station yesterday. Also mentioned had not ben jabbed yet?

    Sort of mini lockdown here in UK, “Plan B ” as it’s called, mainly advisory – masks on public transport, masks in public places including retail, Try and work from home, avoid large gatherings, and if it was approved, covid passports to enter large venues like sports grounds and nightclubs etc. ( 2 jabs or negative test that day ).

    Christmas isn’t cancelled!

  10. I had AstraZeneca for my first jab and a Pfizer for my second. Neither really had huge side-effects, but the Pfizer booster/third dose took me out for a day (flu like symptoms: fatigue, headache, back ache, aching muscles. Be prepared.

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