It’s been very quietly lately.  Maybe a little…to quiet…

No, scratch that.  It’s been perfectly, exquisitely quiet.  Everyone appears to be in holiday mode, meaning scripts won’t get read – or decisions made – until well into the New Year.  Still, hoping to hear back from a potential South Korean partner on one project in advance of turning around the script polish.  Fingers crossed for that elusive…


Also have a near future android-themed project in the works.  Still working out the details of the pilot outline while checking out a lot of inspirational material…

Hahaha.  Adorable!

My week in food…

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Which reminds me – I have my stress echocardiography next week!

Today’s Yes/No…


The latest line-up for our semi-regular whiskey nights with Kevin and Emily from down the hall.  To date, we have sampled 54 whiskeys and 7 “others” (including cognacs, a 21 year old rum, and Akemi’s homemade limoncello).  I figure we can do 3-5 more gatherings before we start repeating bottles – or just do a Best Of Extravaganza.

Well, we’ll be heading to Montreal for Christmas, taking the train with Suji who will, no doubt, be less than thrilled to have other dogs around.  The last time we were in town back in 2019, Lulu was around to lend some reassurance and comfort.  This time, however, Suji’s going solo and I have no doubt she’ll be in Scrooge Mode for the duration of our stay.

So, what are YOUR holidays plans?


5 thoughts on “December 2, 2021: Projects, Androids, and a Scroogey Suji!

  1. So glad Suji can go with you at Christmas!! It’ll be fun! She may be in your laps the entire time, but it will be an adventure for her. And you…

    The food looks awesome!

  2. I’m sure Suji will get your mom’s critters in line. 😉

    I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and sent out cards. I’ve been so busy working on getting our yards winterized (I’m sorta of in charge of my son’s yard, too) that no decorating has been done. I might just let that slide this year. It’s too tiring getting everything set up and then tear it down a few weeks later.

    Anywhoo, we’re staying home this Christmas but I might take a day trip to visit my mom. We usually do Thanksgiving at her house and that’s what we did. I put on my cleaning gloves and washed all the dishes/counters while I was there.

    My mom is a minor league hoarder. Next time she gets hospitalized, I’m going into her house loaded with trash bags and cleaning solution. I’m not a rookie anymore, so I’m taking all the trash to the dump this time. Last time, she removed all the trash from the curb and put it back into the kitchen. 🙄 The first thing that is going is that stupid toilet bowl coffee cup that she’s never, ever used. I guarantee that she won’t even miss it! 🙂

    Oh and those robots remind me of that Asimov book I, Robot. “I did not kill him.”

    Love the food porn! You have a great life!!!

    We’re packing and heading to Hot Springs, AR to visit with a family member of my hubby’s. Vaxxed and ready for adventure! 🙋‍♀️

    1. Ha! A toilet bowl coffee cup! I bet you got that for her when you were a teen, didn’t you?! I remember seeing them when I was a kid. Are you just mad because she never used it? 🙂

  3. Holiday plans? Ha. I turned over my Vegas reservations to a friend, not feeling it. I did get a reserved seating for the new Spidernan movie. Reserved seating in a luxury recliner, I love my local theater. Doing a secret santa exchange, that’s fun.

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