A few that caught my eye this week…


Kang the Conqueror #4 – cover art by Michael Del Mundo


The Amazing Spider-Man #78 – cover art by Leinel Francis You


House of Slaughter #1 – cover art by Jae Lee, June Chung


Batman: Secret Files – The Gardener #1 – cover art by Ejikure


Refrigerator Full of Heads #2 – cover art by Sam Wolfe Connelly


Dark Red: Year One – cover art by Aaron Campbell


X-O Manowar #8 – cover art by Rahzzah

So, which were YOUR favorites?

One thought on “November 17, 2021: Amazing Covers!

  1. Wow! Those are great pictures. My favorite is Batman: Secret Files – The Gardener #1 – cover art by Ejikure.

    Are Suji and Akemi still feeling okay?

    You know, I haven’t heard much about that London cab driver either. One article mentioned he was seriously injured. 🙁 His reaction was like something out of a movie plot. I wonder if he was Ex-Military or something? Well, anyway I’m sure this will work it’s way into many TV episodes. 😉

    The weather here is perfect! It’s a balmy 70F (21C) and sunny. I’ve been cleaning out our garage and deep freezer before the cold weather hits.

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