Exciting, no?

Received a great set of notes on the draft so I’ll be spending the next few days on rewrites and aim to have the new and improved Promise of Blood pilot out by mid next week at the latest.


The interview should be out in a few weeks.  In the meantime, dreamcast your favorite Dark Matter cast members in The Powder Mage Trilogy.

No reason.

Last night’s line-up.  Pick your poison…


This was our eighth boozy soiree in which we sampled another seven different bottles.  And every night, we pick our favorite.  Last night’s winner was the Koval oat (with the Four Roses a close second).  I think we have enough for another three sessions after which we move on to the Battle of Champions!

If SpankChain, CumRocket, and Hamster Coin are a thing, we can definitely launch a Suji Coin.

Today’s Yes/No…

2 thoughts on “October 28, 2021: Things are moving along nicely!

  1. Hubby liked the Four Roses. My son took a tour through their distillery and brought him back a bottle. Hubby’s new favorite Bourbon is Woodford Reserve, the wheat version. I bought him a bottle of Angel’s Envy but Woodford is still his new favorite. Jefferson’s Ocean is his ultimate, though. It’s just more pricey.

    Congrats on the script!

  2. I would definitely invest in SujiCoin!

    Good luck on the projects. Something is bound to stick now that production is resuming. Let us hope!

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