This morning, I completed what I’m calling the “One Step Removed From the Polish” draft of my sci-fi/kpop mash-up for that big production company – streamlining, gamifying, adding a few more fun visuals and characters beats, and front loading a few of the surprise reveals into the pilot.  One in particular will have viewers catching their breath – if all the pieces fall into place of course.

With that out of the way, I’ll be switching gears to jump on the second draft of the Promise of Blood (Powder Mage Trilogy) pilot,  Some great notes from JB, Jamie and the gang.  Hopefully, I’ll have it done by week’s end.

And with those two out of the way for the time being – and a rare window of opportunity while I await the go-ahead on a few other projects – I’ve decided to finally sit down and write the feature that’s been rattling around in my head for over a year.  But before setting pen to paper (or, more appropriately, finger to keyboard), I’m going to need to do a little research by immersing myself in movies set in the 1930’s.  On my short list: Of Mice and Men, Places in the Heart, Bonnie and Clyde, Paper Moon, Road to Perdition, Chinatown, The Sting, The Grapes of Wrath, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Thieves Like Us, Murder Inc., Miller’s Crossing, Mildred Pierce, Kansas City, Emperor of the North, Dogville, King of the Hill, Lawless.

Your suggestions most welcome.

Really NOT looking forward to tomorrow, the day of my full annual physical.  Starting at 7:15 a.m.(!) and over the course of three and half hours, I’ll be poked, prodded, tested, and have my diet critiqued by a nutritionist.  I’ll get an ultrasound, an EKG, run full tilt on a treadmill for twenty minutes, then undergo a series of flexibility tests (spoiler alert: which I will all fail miserably) prompting the kinesiologist to send me home with some suggested daily exercises (spoilers alert: which I will never do).   Maybe I’ll even solicit an opinion on my frozen shoulder.  Once done, I’ll go return home where I’ll stew and worry as I await the results of my blood panel and urinalysis, wondering if this is the year my blood sugar and cholesterol levels catch up with me.  As is the custom the night before, I had oatmeal for dinner which, of course, prompted  Akemi to accuse me of trying to game the system – or, to be more specific, the blood analysis (spoiler alert: It won’t).

Today’s Yes/No…

And while we’re on the topic of mustard…

7 thoughts on “October 25, 2021: Tomorrow, I’ll be poked, prodded, tested, and have my diet critiqued by a nutritionist.

  1. Hilarious Poupon ad. Thanks. for sharing. Extremely rough day today. Really need a good laugh.
    Will spare you the longer bitter details, but almost needless to say, Florida SUCKS! Its current governor SUCKS! And if I suffer one more set back, after busting my ass well beyond what any human should have to endure, and following everything i was told to do correctly, I honestly don’t think I can handle it.

    Good luck at your check up tomorrow. Yes, I know its no fun. And you should definitely pour yourself a good double bourbon upon arriving home after enduring it.
    Still it’s better than being in my shoes. At least you live somewhere that cares enough to attempt to make reasonable healthcare available to all.

    Good news of the day is: Found out Naomi has been making steady progress over the last several days so doctors say may be able to release her from the hospital as early as next week.

    So much love, warmest hugs and thanks to my angels @Ponytail @Tam for their caring, generous, contributions to the med fund this month. This has been absolutely the worst year of my life, ever! Albeit, feeling very blessed to have caring friends. Could not have made it through all this thus far without you❤

    If anyone else can pitch in a bit this month it’s very deeply appreciated. I lost 6 days income on the job this month. A total of three days out sick with fever and infections. One day of dealing with a very bad reaction to some new meds the doctors urged me to take. And two days of dealing with medical visits and financial red tape that took all frigin’ day!! As a result, even after forgoing the purchase of fruits, juice, vitamin D supplements, and anything else i felt i could survive without, (even with the recent increase in SNAP benefits I’m only getting 125 a month to help with food + the closest local food pantry was shut down last month) and not filling one of the more expensive prescriptions doctors have me on to control the ongoing bilirubin and liver function problems, I’m still not able to meet housing rent in full come November 1st.
    I’m also still trying to raise enough for a portable, lightweight electric bicycle so i can get around a bit easier and travel further to land and sustain a reasonably safe job offering full time hours, until i can make the move north. ( I’ve only been able to obtain low wage part time work in my current local neighborhood). Was able to pick up a local freelance one time housecleaning gig last week, ( yes, sadly it’s come down to that), but still woefully falling short.

    Medfund page:

    Venmo: DreaCrysel if it asks for email, it’s my user name at

  2. I like your movie short list. Paper Moon and Sting were particularly good.
    If you’ve never seen “Topper” with Cary Grant or ” Lawyer Man” with William Powell or “It Happened One Night” with Clark Gable Or “Operator 13” with Gary Cooper, Or “Winner Takes All” with James Cagney, Or “Cinderella Man” with Russell Crowe, you might get something useful out of them, as well.

    Comedy, romance,chivalry, honor & bravery, temptation & morality, drama, bravado, surviving life during the hardships of the great depression and its aftermath, and questions about life after death, were all a huge part of 1930’s productions as well as the more modern features , like Cinderella Man, set in the 30’s. And yes, you’d likely do well to cast a wider net to include a romantic comedy such as Topper and a romantic drama such as It Happened One Night to more fully immerse yourself in the feel of your characters and the social attitudes of the period brewing in your head and gain a much better idea for the way your characters should walk and talk and sound when they speak, from all angles. Also, dont be afraid to do a re-watch of Hitchcock movies of the 1930s such as “The Lady Vanishes” and “The 39 Steps”. There’s much insight to be gained if you pay closer attention to the subtle details of the characters the majority of audiences seem to take for granted, even if your feature idea has nothing to do with your series idea along Hitchcockian lines.

    Definitely applaud your ambition and courage to take on a feature.
    Happy research. xo

  3. Additional movie suggestions for your research: Gangster/Mafia type movies set in the 30’s. Movies along the lines Of “G Men” or “Mayor From Hell” with James Cagney. Or “Marked Woman with Humphrey Bogart and Betty Davis.

  4. Good luck with the Doctor! I do hope they can help your shoulder.

    I heard another Southern saying today “You couldn’t hold my lunch”. That was a new one for me. It means, I’m so busy that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me.

    Lucy loves that new kitty door we installed. We put it in the master bedroom. Now, she looks at every door (bathroom/closet) and seems to demand a kitty door for those too.

  5. As a diabetic, I lust over your descriptions of gourmet food which I cannot ingest,,,so.many.carbs,,,sigh,,,I control the debilitating effects of elevated glucose levels with the keto diet and a fair amount of exercise…but, but,,but,,,envy,,,

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