Honorable Mentions: Lipstick by Lee Hi, Pado D by Bibi, Compulsion by Stray Kids, Deja Vu by Ateez, My Universe by BTS and Coldplay, and Mumumumuch by Mamamoo.

Congratulations to all the winners.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Kpop Tracks of September, 2021

  1. Wishing You, Akemi, Mama Angela, Andria and all the Mallozzi fur kids a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
    Grateful for all of you being in the world and in our lives. xo

  2. Hi Gang. Thanks so much for the October 6 messages & birthday cards in my inbox. Love you guys more than words could ever convey, always. Extremely grateful, humbled, and blessed to have you in my life.

    Just a couple reminders:

    Joe’s birthday is coming up October 16th. (This is also Joe & Akemi’s wedding anniversary).
    Joe’s fifteenth blogiversary is also rapidly approaching, November 2021. Wow! Can you believe it’s already been 15 years of daily blogging?! I still fondly, albeit vaguely these days, recall some of the fun early entries at Blog Spot when he started out on this adventure. From plenty of SG work day chatter for the tv show fans. To the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. To Cookie Monster doing movie reviews. To all the moments and adventures with bossy but always adorable Jelly, mellow Maximus, charming wallflower Bubba, spunky Lulu, not so easy going Brie, and, eventually – total alpha girl Suji. To his frequent jaunts to his favorite chocolate shop in Vancouver.To the time he thought Akemi was trying to tell him she wanted a baby. To his weird food purchase taste tests. To his cup runneth over sock, cuff link, and comic book, collections. To the shady history of pizza. To all the personal heart breaks and triumphs. And so much much more. Truly a remarkable achievement of unwavering loyalty and commitment to his fans, friends, and longtime blog family. Especially for someone whose work and daily life has oft been as exhaustingly busy as his! The original plan was to coordinate a celebrity style comedy roast video tribute, with participants selecting their favorite Mallozzi Rants from over the years to applaud or light heartedly tease him about. Unfortunately my extreme health & financial struggles, unreliable internet access, a lap top on its last leg, and lack of free time and energy, have put a nix on that. Ever just the same, hope you will all please feel free to have fun picking your favorite Joe rants from the WP blog archives to roast and toast him with and post em in the comments section of the blog throughout the month of November.
    And to get ya thinking along the lines of ‘fun rants’, Here’s a little something I’ve always counted among my faves. The entry was was originally intended to be an integral part of an educational writers production diary rather than an off the rails, uproarious, scapegoat style, ranty, rambling. Regardless, it proved itself no less a memorably fun read. https://www.stargate-sg1-solutions.com/jmpd/jmpd04.shtml
    December 2nd, 2021 marks the fifth anniversary of Suji joining the Mallozzi family.

  3. You are certainly boarding my horizons. Thank you for that! K-pop reminds me of an updated, high energy 60’s band that did choregraphed dances while they played.

    Big plans this weekend in Toronto?

    The weather is getting a little cooler and I’ve been trying to catch up with yard work. Fun times, fun times… 😉

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