Alrighty!  Sent the Dark Matter miniseries pitch Jay’s way this morning and included some ideas on how we can proceed.  I await word on next steps.  In the meantime, I’m thinking of uploading the written pitch for you all to check out and find out what the plan is. Interested?

Got an update on one project, awaiting input on three more, getting ready to go out with two, and need to get some work done on another while the three others remain in a holding pattern.  I can’t even begin to imagine how great it would be like to concentrate on a single project,  How wild would that be?!

Today’s Yes/No…

I am curious!

I leave you with some goodies from the Stargate: SG-1 vault…

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15 thoughts on “September 13, 2021: Projects Piling Up, Ramen Soda, and Stargate!

  1. “In the meantime, I’m thinking of uploading the written pitch for you all to check out and find out what the plan is. Interested?”

    YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!

    #BringBackDarkMatter…and One if possible. I really miss One. The nice One. LOL

    1. I too!

      I always thought giving his evil twin a personality transplant or at least a mindwipe would have been a more poetic punishment with more dramatic potential. I mean, anyone can just shoot someone in the head, but these things are part of the series’s unique premise.

  2. Interested in seeing the pitch? You bet!

    Going to have to say no on the Cup Noodles Ramen soda. So, it just tastes like salty chicken water, but with bubbles? Gross.

  3. I always knew those Goa’uld were a kinky bunch! And now I can build my own Goa’uld keycaps for my keyboard!

  4. Definitely interested in the Dark Matter pitch. A hard “no” to the Ramen soda just because nothing refreshes like a bubbling can of seafood!

    Lovely artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, please, a Dark Matter pitch?! That would be great. The other day I wore my DM t-shirt I had made when the show was cancelled. Didn’t get two feet outside my place before someone asked if that was the show. We chatted about how much we missed it and then went our separate ways. This show evokes so much love. Fingers crossed on a successful pitch!

  6. Are we interested? Is the Pope Catholic? Do we want free ice cream and pizza? Thank you so much, I didn’t expect we’d get to lay eyes on the actual internal document!

    I hope that all your projects have good luck!

    The Stargate concept art is gorgeous as always.

  7. A written pitch sounds interesting. Not the logline? Pilot script? Pilot outline? Series Bible, New Testament version?

    Can it also be put in to a jingle, something tweetable but also gets stuck in your head because of repeated syllables? How about rap battle form? Comic book strategically paced to the beats of a five act live action series?

    I look forward to learning what a written pitch is. I’d assume it’s like a pitch, but you can’t manipulate us with body language or vocal inflection. Live or die by the content.

  8. The Dark Matter pitch sounds really rather wonderful! That would be a YES PLEASE!!! from me 😁

  9. Ooooh count me in please. I’d love to read your pitch. I’ve never heard one before. Do you ever get any of the projects mixed up? I would.

    Loving the alien camera concept drawing.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Dark Matter!!!? Absolutely! Hoping for great news on that front. Ramen flavored soda? No thanks.

  11. un petit bonjour pour vous dire qu’on attend impatiemment qu’un de vos projets aboutisse. Entre-temps, on planifie la reprise des épisodes de Stargate pour tard cet automne avec le no 100 ! Merci pour le Stargate Vault!

  12. I’m catching up on your blog while visiting a friend in Massachusetts and would be very interested in reading the written pitch for Dark Matter if you decide to upload it. Thanks!

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