Yatta!  Pilot outline completed.  It clocks in at a robust 23 pages, but since it’s the pilot, I wanted to include some nuance and detail to the characters, their interactions, and the myriad storylines.  It’s dynamic, character driven, and does a nice job of introducing the world and its colorful players.

With that done, I switch gears to review my proposal for that action-adventure series in advance of Thursday pitch-meeting-that-really-isn’t-a-pitch-meeting-but-more-of-a-walk-thru zoom chat.  There’s a lot of humor in this one which always makes the telling so much easier.

My video contribution that verbal pitch I agonized over last weekend has apparently received the thumbs up from the rest of the team and they are now at work, assembling and editing.  Looking forward to checking out the final product!

With illustrator Henry Fong’s brilliant work on Project F complete, I impatiently await that final round of notes that will allow me to polish and complete the package – pilot and series overview.  And, of course, the sooner we complete the package, the sooner we can reach out to some of the Kpop talent on my short list.  Like every facet of pre-production everyone, I’m sure, will have their opinion – but I’m laser-focused on collaborating with talent that: 1) Is stylistically suited to the series, 2) Has a deep enough discography and 3) Can move the needle both in South Korea and internationally.  As I said, I have a few targets at the top of my list and it would be an absolute nightmare if I don’t land them.

Also awaiting word on our pitched reimagining of that classic SF series.  There’s only one possible for home this project so this either flies or fails.

Still working on the pitch for that Dark Matter miniseries.  Was distracted by a few other things but almost done.  Hoping to send Jay’s way before month’s end.

Sadly, things have gone quiet on the TimEscape front.  I am incredibly frustrated because the project, and the two scripts, are a lot of fun and, I have no doubt, would find a passionate fan base.  Going to talk to my partners on this one about next steps.  I’m thinking either go the comic book route so that, at the very  least, I’ll be able to tell my story.  OR, just publish the overview and scripts online for your perusal.

Someone suggested Matzo Ball.  It should have made the list.

I honestly curious.

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “September 7, 2021: Projects, Soups and Dogs, and Yes/No!

  1. Yes on the sunscreen. No on the melanoma. Maybe on the mochi ramen.

    That sucks about TimEscape!

  2. Least favorite soup inspired dog name: hangover soup.

    I have scarred from a sunny walk from a parking lot to a building and sun screen 100% blocks that effect so my usual care with chemicals takes a back seat on this one. I wore sun screen and long sleeves to the pool yesterday, but only the dog and kids were swimming.

  3. Sun exposure is worse than sunscreen, IMHO.

    My parents both developed skin cancers in their later years. Also, I just lost a fair-skinned friend to melanoma at age 57.

  4. From the tidbits we’ve heard about TimEscape, it sounds like it would be good in the comic book format, and that would be better than just scripts. I hope it’s picked up, though. It does also sound like it would find a passionate fanbase.

    I like the names Chowder, Dashi, Kimchi, Miso and Gumbo. Gazpacho seems like too much, unless it’s shortened to Gaz.

  5. I’m still holding on for TimEscape. It sounds like my kind of show just from what little bit you’ve shared. I’m sure the other ideas are equally good, too. I just want something of yours shown in the US.

    Who knew cheesy dog names could be so cute? If I ever get a new family member, their name is coming from that list.

    I have had melanoma and I still won’t wear sunscreen. I feel like I’m smothering, it makes me sweat, my skin breaks out, and then there’s the chemicals. I have opted for wide brimmed hats.

    I have never tasted mochi ice cream, but ice cream and ramen don’t exactly go together unless you’re looking to add gratuitous carbs to your dessert.

  6. Sunscreen, yes! I’ve had blisters from not having worn sunscreen. No way that I’m doing that again!

    It sounds like you’re juggling projects again. I hope it goes like you want them too.

    You said something about another trip to Japan. Any news on that front? I’m sure Akemi misses her family. Thank goodness for facetime/zoom/skype.

    Today our schedule is different. Hubby has to go in for a double lithotripsy. 😬 At least, I’ll catch up on my reading.

  7. I love shade, always have, the sun is my enemy. At home everyone walks around with umbrellas like sane people, but here folks view carrying a parasol as the most alarming thing you can do, and will stop you to point out that it’s not raining. I’m guessing climate change will force more of us to pop out the old parasol.

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