Last night, we went out for sushi for the first time in…oh…a year and a half.  It was an inside counter-sitting omakase service/  A first step towards, hopefully, heading back to Tokyo and revisiting some of our favorite sushi-yas.  Eventually.

Some of last night’s selection…

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Edomae Kiyomi

I did the five sake sampler while Akemi had the single glass of plum wine – and we were both feeling it this morning, so Akemi opted for a light lunch of chicken broth and dumplings.  I enjoyed an equally light meal…


The Vatican City: Double Cheeseburger smashed between two grilled cheese buns, with sautéed onions and double jalapeños (Sadly, they no longer offer the jalapeño bottle caps).  c/o The Burger’s Priest

Which brings us to today’s Yes/No…

Speaking of Japan, yeah.  Reminds me of Sembikiya in Ginza!

Finally, keeping with the food theme – some news of note: Hot Dogs Shorten Your Healthy Life By 36 Minutes!

I fear that today’s lunch may have shaved off a week and a half.

5 thoughts on “August 19, 2021: My Foodiest Post in Ages!

  1. Burger’s Priest is light? Thought you would just have oatmeal for lunch. LOL

  2. Those food pictures are impressive. Way too pretty food to eat… 🙂 However, that Double Cheeseburger looks awesome. I would eat that in a heartbeat. Fruit Sando? Bread? Come on, give me a break!

    Oh and a hot dog shortens your healthy life by 36 minutes?? Shut! Up!

  3. That sushi all looks amazing. That burger from BP looks great, if a little, um, filling!

    Looking forward to when I can even get a trip back to TO!

  4. The sushi, all those colors, so fresh looking. I made my most passable sushi yet Tuesday night, I’m still rubbish at cutting tho but it was kinda okay plus avocado makes everything better.

    That burger looks very good, the last burger I had was pre-pandemic. I have been making pizza bagels with the asiago cheese bagels, a nice pizza sauce used sparingly, good salami and lots of cheese and spices.

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