Words to live by…

Words also to live by…

The absolute worst are those State of the Union zooms dedicated to summing up what everyone already knows.  Just to make sure we’re all on the same page!

You’d think they’d put in more than a half-assed effort by giving their fictitious Swiss biologist a Swiss name (thread)…

My mind automatically went here…


Today’s Yes/No…

Meanwhile, on the home front – I test out the mysteriously frictionless kitchen floor…


6 thoughts on “August 12, 2021: Words to Live By! Suspect Swiss Biologists! Yes/No! And Frictionless Floors!

  1. I don’t imbibe, bit if I did, I would definitely go for the boozy Mtn. Dew.

    That floor looks dangerous! How does Suji do on it?

  2. I don’t believe anything coming out of China or North Korea.

    ““Your enthusiasm towards life is a magnet to all things enthusiastic entering your life.”
    ― Hiral Nagda”

    ❤ those floors!

  3. We used to put on socks so we could go skating after my mom buffed the floors.

    Hard Mountain Dew Yes/No? These hard seltzers get an unfair advantage in the market because the U.S. taxes distilled spirits more harshly than brews. Mixed cocktails are the superior product. Brews are much higher in histamines, which will only cause a flush for some people, but others are once again forced to pay higher prices for something that would be far cheaper without government interference. So, in short, No, but only for health reasons, I’m jealous.

    Invest in Southern (and Northern end of hillbilly highways) beverage drive-thrus NOW, because meth was only for killing time until Mountain Dew came out with a brew.

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