For those of you who requested the homemade limoncello recipe (Courtesy of my sister’s friend, Frank)…




Meanwhile, today’s Yes/No…

I’d prefer a second glass of the limoncello.

I mean, come on…

The article even fails to mention the bottle of Japanese whiskey that goes for six grand.  What ever happened to investigative journalism?

Guys!  Breaking News!

Also, here’s an idea…


I think I’ve discovered the secret to not losing money in the stock market: Sell your winners and take your losers to the grave.

4 thoughts on “August 5, 2021: Limoncello, Japanese Whiskey, and Secrets of Stock Trading!

  1. Is there a part 2 to that Limoncello recipe? How long does the lemons and alcohol sit? Sit where? Does Frank ship out of Canada? Shouldn’t that be LEmoncello with an E? That drink really looks good. That was super nice of him to make you all some!

    I’d try that Ramen Ice Cream Bar. I see chocolate. What could go wrong?

  2. Your recipe for limoncello appears to be incomplete. Will you be sharing the rest on subsequent blog posts?

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