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Happy Birthday to Stargate: SG-1!

What was the first episode of SG-1 you watched?  Were you onboard from the very beginning?

I have to admit, I came to it late(r).  The first episode I watched was Emancipation.  Based on that initial viewing, I dismissed the show outright – until I got the chance to read some scripts and…to my surprise, discovered that they were good.  Really good!  So it just goes to show – you should never judge a television series by its objectively worst episode.

17 thoughts on “July 27, 2021: Happy Birthday, SG-1!

  1. I saw the film and looked out for the series when I knew one was being made.. Watched from start to end.. and then again.. and again..

  2. I never got into Stargate when I first saw it. After watching it many years later on Hulu I was hooked by the characters and the comedy injected throughout many of the episodes.

    And yeah.. I believe I may have had a small stroke a year ago from my repeated weekend drinking and over doing of my coffee drinking throughout the week. I’ve since drastically cut back on both and have to say I feel much much better.

  3. My wife and I were on board from the very beginning, as we both enjoy sci-fi very much. I have only watched SG-1 once through myself, however my wife has rewatched it. I can recall with the first episode how tickled pink we were that Richard Dean Anderson was in the show and recognised Don S Davis. I can still picture those initial scenes with Christopher Judge as he was awesome. We have also watched much of what Michael Shanks (even the TV romance movies 🤣) and Amanda Plummer (we thought Sanctuary was very good) have been in since.

  4. I did not have access to Showtime, so my first episodes were on Sci-Fi. I don’t remember what episode I first saw, but I started watching only because of RDA. I was hooked from then on and soon caught up from the start.

    I had loved the movie, so it was a bit of an adjustment at first, but I very quickly grew to love the TV version as much or more. I think what helped was the extraordinarily talented cast. RDA, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, Don S. Davis, and Teryl Rothery, along with the others, grew to be my favorite actors almost right away. In fact, I much prefer Canadian shows now just so I can catch a glimpse of the actors who passed through Stargate’s hallowed halls. I honestly can’t remember a single actor who detracted from an episode. I thought cast and crew alike did an amazing job on all three series. Plus, I was always amazed by the off world sets and sfx. What was not to love? I’ll definitely be tweeting for more!

  5. I can’t remember the first Stargate episode I watched. I’m sure I saw the occasional episode here and there but I never got into it. I was a huge fan of the movie and was sceptical that a TV show could live up to it.

    I first started watching in earnest on DVD so I suppose I started from the beginning. I remember I was fully on-board when Atlantis started (I started following your blog during Atlantis pre-prod, I think) so I reckon I binged the first 5-6 seasons on DVD before catching up with the broadcast schedule.

  6. Having greatly enjoyed the Stargate movie, and getting it on dvd when it was released, I watched S01E01when it premiered on Showtime and like it immediately.

  7. The film was alright, so I watched the first episode of SG-1 and saw that there was real potential to it, so I continued and was hooked within a few episodes. Just watched Continuum a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it one more time.

    1. I would add that I liked all of Kathryn Power’s episodes though Emancipation was not her best.

  8. SG1 S1E1 Children of the Gods …. ahh … Natsukashii
    Loved SG from the beginning!

  9. So, just binged the neck out of Dark Matter. My husband had already watched and knew I would like it. Let me just say I am totally pissed!!! How could SyFy let hang like that?! I fell in love with the characters. I told my husband he should have never let me watch it. I started reading your blog to see if there were any answers. So, now I am even more frustrated. That being said, thank you for all the work put in to your blog and the show. I guess its better to have loved and lost?

    1. Thanks, Kerry. And welcome aboard the Raza. Hopefully, a miniseries is in our future.

  10. Oh F*ck yes. Sadly, I doubt I will ever see it here. Also, Deadpool’s Canadian cousin?

    I as in on Stargate from the start, the reason we got cable. Missed a lot of episodes, requiring a lot of catching up with DVDs. I have not done a rewatch for some time, my last DVD marathon was Highlander. About time I think, while waiting for Marvel. Streaming has changed everything though.

  11. “They” can never get their acts together or even remotely on the same page. A few years ago, my husband had a quintuple bypass – he’s good as new now – and as a result had to go to cardio rehab three times a week. There was a class for an hour and then a workout while hooked up to monitors with medical staff in attendance. Each week would be contradictory on the nutrition. One would say that what is essentially the Mediterranean diet is the way to go. The next week, any fat was branded the product of the devil and to be avoided at all cost. It was crazy.

    Broca Divide was my first episode and I’ve been a devotee ever since. So hoping for an in-cannon reboot. I’ll subscribe to whichever service has it. Guaranteed..

  12. Emancipation was one of the worst to start with but we now just miss it out lol We’ve been with SG1 from the very first episode in fact all 3 series & just finishing SG1season10 & now on season 1 of Atlantis. Universe is harder to watch as its hardly on TV. But we watch them every year And so excited a new series of Atlantis is coming!

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