Finally tracked down our second pfizer vaccines yesterday.  It only took about three hours of walking around the city to get it done.  The doctor who administered my shot advised me to steer clear of alcohol for the weekend – but I’m assuming that does not apply to bourbon-laced chocolate ice cream.  I feel a little lethargic today, but I’m not sure if that’s just my standard run-of-the-mill lethargy.  Akemi, on the other hand, is exhausted and ended up napping this afternoon.

So that’s over and done with.

Until they tell us we need boosters.

Today’s Yes/No…

This one’s a big YES from me.

News of note:

Dogs ‘just get’ humans in ways other animals can’t, evolutionary scientists conclude

I already had a feeling.

More awesome concept art from the Stargate vault…

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9 thoughts on “July 17, 2021: The Saturday Report!

  1. Something that I was reading a few days ago about humanity’s earlier ancestors (Homo habliis, I think?) talked about how they used the earliest stone tools to break into animal bones to get at the marrow. I was like, yep. Totally understandable. So a big yes on the marrow tacos!

    I figure dogs have been so selective bred by humans that they should be very much in tune with each other. Well, except maybe the dog next door, who I just saw literally moments ago running through my backyard chasing one of the neighbourhood deer, and both being chased by the dog’s owner in an attempt to catch it. (The dog, not the deer.). This dog is, shall I say, not smart, barking at me every day though it sees me in the driveway every day. Except when I go behind the car, it immediately stops because it can’t see me, and then starts up again when I appear on the other side. Apparently, it totally forgets I was there? Like I said, not smart.

  2. Congratulations on completing your vaccine!!

    I went to the dentist this week for a cleaning. She started off by polishing my teeth first! I asked “what did you just do”? After giving her a look like she has the beginnings of dementia, she said the CDC had recommended polishing first because of Covid-19… blah, blah, blah… Then she picks and scrapes my teeth which I’m sure removed all the polish. Geeze.

    My dog definitely “gets me”. She has me trained to do everything she says, or else. All I hear is…

    Get me a treat!
    Let me out or I swear I’ll pee in the house!
    I want my food right now or I will scratch the couch!
    I’m going outside to bark at nothing until you give me a treat to come in!

    Bone Marrow Tacos? This one’s a big NO from me! Yuk!

  3. I’m in on the tacos as long as they come with an appetizer of lovely bone broth. Yum!

    How many millions of dollars in grant money were spent on “discovering” what we dog lovers already knew?

    Thanks you again for sharing the truly awesome concept art! Bynar is every bit as disgusting on paper as he was in the flesh. Is there a hidden meaning in your posting his star necklace upside down? Sorry, turning the star over does not make him a good person. He is still pretty evil.

  4. “No alcohol” applies to ANY alcohol. It destroys vaccine cells, so if you had your bourbon icey, you had your second shot pass away

  5. Really love the concept work shown here ^^ Bone marrow Tacos 😮 Hmm if it means that it has bone marrow from animals then hrr no way x) Yeah that research note about Doggies is truly on point. As big friend of dogs i know what saying there. Had best bud to live with me for almost eight years. Friendly, protective & smart German Shepherd <3

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