Yesterday, seeing THIS –

Reminded me of THIS –

Which, in turn, reminded me of THIS…

Which reminds me – we’ve locked down a date for our revised pitch of that yet-to-be-named classic sci-fi series update!

Also, saw this today…

That reminds me of this…

Which, in turn, reminded me of this…

Finally, today’s Yes/No…

Which reminded me of this…

Which, in turn, made me think of these…

Top 30 Strangest Pringles Flavors from Around the World

Closing a deal to write a pilot.  Will let you know the details next week!

13 thoughts on “July 15, 2021: This, This, and That!

  1. Speaking of SG-1, I had a nice private-message chat with Alexis Cruz earlier today, passing along one of my more creative dreams. All seems to be well at his end.

  2. Babylon 5 had a variety of great ship designs!

    The middle section of the Space: 1999 theme sounds more like music from an old cop duo show.

  3. Space:1999 has one of the intro themes of any TV show!

    Would definitely try the fish & chips pizza.

    Keep us posted on the pilot deal!

  4. What do I remind you of?
    As long as you don’t say Louie Gohmert, I’m good.

  5. Have you heard of the web animation RWBY created by Monty Oum of Rooster Teeth? It’s a Western-Eastern coproduction that’s 75% anime, and it’s very good. Since it involves a combination of anime tropes, goofy humor, dark and serious antagonists, and colorful (literally) teams of Huntsmen and Huntresses, I thought it might appeal to your sensibilities. There have been 8 Volumes so far out of a planned 12 (the episodes are short, so each Volume is about the length of a long movie altogether). And it’s all available for free online!:

      1. Well, Monty Oum is of Japanese descent and every episode is produced in both English and Japanese.

  6. It’s a good thing I don’t live in coastal area. Think I should start to even seek higher ground …

  7. Closing a deal to write a pilot. Will let you know the details next week!
    ok then you are paid for all those pilots you write for and that end in limbo…few! (hihi)

  8. I’d been avoiding that moon wobble headline in an effort to skirt bad news but yeah, scary. My sibs have been reminiscing about planting trees as kids, they’d show us that Johnny Applesee movie in class every year and we’d then go on a planting frenzy.

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