Check out this awesome picture of Alt. Me, Suji, and Akemi by artist Rebecca Young (@Rapunzl347)…


Note the attention to detail with the pistachio latte.

Pick your poison…


This is important, guys.

Not a single episode.

Today’s Yes/No…

An obvious NO from me, but what say you?

In case you missed last night’s Fast and the Furious panel discussion, you can check it out on twitch (P.S. I joined for the second half):

8 thoughts on “July 8, 2021: Sundry items!

  1. You have never watched E.T.?!? 😮

    I like peach cobbler but sure as hell wouldn’t drive hours to get it in cone form.

  2. I love peaches, so that’s a big YES to the peach cone for me. However, I wouldn’t drive hours for a cone when I could use whip up a fresh peach cobbler (dripping in butter) in 30 minutes.

    I’ve never seen The Sopranos, 24, Prison Break, Lost or Casablanca. I’ve only watched one season of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen one episode of Breaking Bad.

    Valerian? I guess you’re still having insomnia. Sorry about that. My insomnia is a little better. It might be the THC or I might be so sleep deprived that I’m finally catching up. I’ll take it and be appreciative.

    I’m not a whiskey/bourbon fan but my hubby is. Which one of those poisons has a wheat finish? He doesn’t care for the strong rye flavor.

  3. Love the art! Well done.

    I really wish I liked whisky, just not my thing. It’s pretty though.

    Uh, why do you even know what hot horse sex smells like in the first place?

    Hmmm. Bird Box and Supernatural.

    Peach cobbler cone? Yes please.

  4. This raises the question, how can you say something smells like “hot horse sex” unless you know what “hot horse sex” smells like? And if you do know what that smells like, that raises other questions like: “How?” and “Why?”

  5. I can give you two movies: ET and Titanic
    And two TV shows: Friends and Big Bang Theory

    I admit to having seen a couple of episodes of both Friends and Big Bang Theory and absolutely hated them while everyone was raving about how good they were.

  6. Beautiful artwork.

    That peach cobbler cone looks delicious, since I love peaches.

    Well, I haven’t seen movie: Titanic; TV show: Madmen. Really, many more of both, but these come to mind.

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