Later today, Dark Matter fans!  We’ll be discussing Episode 312, My Final Gift To You, with special guest Andrew Moodie (Teku).

Today’s Yes/No…

I don’t know.  Maybe?  While I do like my fried chicken sandwiches, I just had fried wings at lunch and they were decidedly underwhelming.  When it comes right down to it, I guess I prefer my wings roasted.

Fresh from the Stargate vault…


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5 thoughts on “June 28, 2021: Dark Matter, Stargate, and Falafel-fried Chicken! What more could you ask for?

  1. Wait… is that Boba Fett on that Goauld ship?

    I can’t really imagine what falafel-crusted fried chicken would taste like. So – I’d try it, but doubtful.

  2. Falafel-fried Chicken? I’d try it. I’d rather have just the falafel, though.

    Love the sketches!

    How’s the weather there? Here, it’s very hot/humid. 🥵

    Has anyone heard from Drea?

    Do you remember Charlie? He’s on his last chemo (five day course) this week. St. Jude brings in a masseuse and a therapy dog, Puggles to help Charlie cope.
    Whenever anyone wants to have a pity party, think of Charlie’s mom. Jessica, has two sick children, a hubby that had shoulder surgery (bike accident), and a mom getting a hip replacement. Plus, Jessica is trying to get a few sessions teaching English to Chinese students online. I’m not sure how she copes. If Charlie’s cancer is eradicated, then this will just be a bad memory in a few years. 🤞🍀🙏

  3. I’m going to watch DMM tonight. First live one I’ve missed, but I’m under the heat dome and I just had to get myself somewhere air conditioned this afternoon before I melted.

  4. I’d definitely give the falafel fried chicken a taste test.

    Once again, you have shared mightily and I thank you. I’m really behind on the Dark Matter, but I’ll catch back up. The Deadman Switch artwork is amazing! It’s not my favorite episode, but I highly respect all that went into creating it. A huge amount of work!

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