Today’s Yes/No…

Yesterday’s outing in mostly food pictures…


I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve eaten oysters on the half shell (


The Ration Burger (


The Hot Honey Boi (


Isabella’s Mochi Donuts (


Chocolate and the Marie Antoinette (


Oh damn!  The Silver Snail comic shop has relocated to the neighborhood.  Looks like I’ll be expanding my supervillain action figure collection!  (

6 thoughts on “June 24, 2021: Just waiting for that Amazon green light! Yes/No! My day in food pictures!

  1. See in NYC during the lockdown I would go to the farmer’s market and pickup a dozen oysters for $10 and shuck them at home. I even learned how to make a couple of sauces. My favorite is a red wine vinegar and shallot mignonette. Hope they lived up to the wait!

  2. Ur’s Ziggurat turned out quite nicely after a good dusting. I hope we will soon be saying the same about the stargate in your garage!

    Donuts! YES, PLEASE! I’m open to just about any flavor and excuse to eat them, so swirling strawberry in honor of the last super moon of 2021 works for me.

    As for your culinary romp, can you please explain the appeal of raw oysters? They look and feel like something that I have seen in medicine when treating a patient’s dire sinus disease! I tried smoked oysters once. While they were palatable, I found them to be ultra chewy and merely something to check off my “once and done” list. Add to that the contamination of our fishing grounds and increased risk of food borne illness, it means that I’ll not be slurping down oysters anytime soon. Everything else looked delectable!

    I never pegged you as an action figure kind of guy or at least you haven’t featured them in your photos. I have made models and collected action figures since I was a kid. In fact, I was looking at a catalogue the other day and longing for my wolf man, mummy, and Frankenstein models. Of course, I have all of the SG action figures. I would go broke if a good shop were in my neighborhood. I’m such a nerd!

  3. All that food looks good!

    Can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve had oysters on the half shell, but I know where it was: my daughter and son-in-law’s backyard; they’re super-foodies — the youngest grandson, at three-years-old, cried because all the clams had been eaten the night before, so there weren’t any left for an afternoon snack.

    Not a big fan of most doughnuts — most are just puffy over-sugared delivery systems. at least here in the USA — but those do look good. My first boyfriend’s family had a tradition of going to a doughnut shop after Mass on Sundays, and his dad called their wares “Eddie’s leadies” … and they were the best doughnuts I’d had up till then and since.

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