Later today, Dark Matter fans.  Dark Matter Mondays returns with special guest, actress Kate Drummond…

Today’s Yes/No…

I object more to the strawberry than the kimchi.

I was asked to be a guest on a The Fast and the Furious-themed podcast in July so I am working my way through the series.  Halfway through and, I have to admit, with the exception of one bad entry, it’s been a pretty solid watch.

Akemi’s impromptu Do Not Disturb sign for when I’m in my zoom meetings…


Two terrific meals…


Two types of Japanese uni – Bafun and Murasaki c/o Daily Seafood.


Pepperoni Pizza c/o Maker’s Pizza.

With two pilots in the near future and no less than five pitches on deck, it really feels like I’m headed towards a perfect storm.  Throw TimEscape into the mix and this summer is looking…busy.

5 thoughts on “June 21, 2021: Dark Matter Monday!

  1. YAY for you possibly getting too busy this summer! Wish I was able to help out as a personal assistant…

    Oof, burnt pepperoni. My husband’s mildly offended & he’s unsure why. 😉

    Sooooo, in the US, uni would be referred to Rocky Mountain uni. Heheheheh.

    Happy solstice, Joe. <3

  2. I see you like your pepperoni blackened.

    Joe and blog regulars, please take care of yourselves. Too many deaths among my acquaintances recently.

  3. Sadly I am missing/missed Orville Nation this morning. Got work to do.

    I think I’ve only seen the first F&F movie. I’ve seen all the Screen Rant pitch meetings about them, though.

    So, like, are you accepting all podcast invitations now? Can I invite you to my podcast about Cold War era East German romance movies? 🙂

    I don’t know about the uni. It looks like it’s trying to escape from the boxes!

    But that pizza looks amazing! I know where I’m going if I’m ever in Toronto! It’s 9:30 in the morning and I’m craving pizza now!

  4. I would LOVE to be a sidekick to the culinary adventures you both have.

    I’ve never had Kimchi. It sounds like Sauerkraut. I do love sauerkraut.

    My aunt, Monny used to make a different version she called Saltkraut and it was very addictive. I used to eat that out of the jar as a snack. She had this clay pot that she would pack with kraut and bury it for several weeks to ferment.. Aunt Monny was an adventurous cook. We used to tackle new recipes together. Good times, good times…

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