Today, we did the pre-pre-pre-pitch, followed by the pre-pre-pitch in preparation for next week’s pre-pitch for that epic sci-fi comic book adaptation.  Matt and Bruce are incredibly smart guys, a lot of fun to work with, and I have no doubt this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership – provided Matt doesn’t take his flamethrower out for another spin on the zoom calls with the buyers.

An interesting little development on the TimEscape front that, if all the pieces fall into place, might see me reunited with my brother from another (German) mother.

Some interesting developments on the Powder Mage front that, if they pan out, could make for a busy month.

The K-pop/Sci-Fi pilot is almost there.  Meanwhile, we’re looking to engage one of my very favorite illustrators and concept artists to work on the pitch deck  – a few character designs, a couple of far future settings and, of course, The Citadel.

Yes, all kind of vague right now, but clarity coming soon!

Today’s Yes/No

Oodles of goodies from the SG-1 season 3 vault…

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10 thoughts on “June 10, 2021: Projects in Play! Yes/No! From the Stargate Vault!

    1. Depends on the pitch. I usually practice my pitches alone but, in this case, I’m pitching with three other people so WE run through the pitch, then we ran through the pitch for an executive from their company, then we re-ran the pitch for that same executive after a few adjustments. Next week, we run the pitch past their management company and, depending on their input, may pitch an actor we’re eyeing for the lead role.

  1. Would that brother from another (German) mother maybe be Alexander Rümelin?

  2. All those projects are always so tantalizingly close to moving forward. I hate to get my hopes up about them, but wishing for the best – esp.TimEscape.

    People need to start realizing that Cheetos don’t go with everything. Gah.

  3. Love the sketches!

    No on any kind of soft shell crab. Crab meat is so good, I’m not sure why you’d need to add a bunch of spices to it. That being said, I do love Doritos.

    It is so hot/humid here today. I was going to take a walk but it the heat index is 99F (37.22C) and climbing. 🥵

    How are you doing Drea?

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing all the season 3 goodness! So much talent in the art department. I hope that everyone landed new work that was as challenging and interesting as Stargate was. That would almost certainly be on a sci-fi series or movie. You would think that someone like James Robbins would head his own design studio for movie & television production. Or is that strictly freelance for yourself?

    Sorry, I hate crab meat no matter how you decide to disguise it.

    1. Very kind words Colleen! 😊
      Question Joe

      “The K-pop/Sci-Fi pilot is almost there. Meanwhile, we’re looking to engage one of my very favorite illustrators and concept artists to work on the pitch deck – a few character designs, a couple of far future settings and, of course, The Citadel.”

      anybody I know?🧐🤔

  5. I have a thought for you Joe:

    Are these pitches in person? During my working career, I was known as the neatest, most organized person in the office. This also made me extremely efficient, which meant I got a lot of work done. They use to make fun of me for having my large size paper clips lined up in their section of my desk drawer. (I hated reaching in for a paper clip and bringing out 2 or 3 hooked together like a flying trapeze circus act!)

    I was so organized my manager had me give a little class on things you can do to be organized. I even gave out some material and an object to everyone… sort of something to remember the class by, related to being organized.

    Okay, my point is, do you give the people you are pitching to something to remember the series you are pitching by? A little souvenir. Like a figurine of one of your characters. Something a future fan of the series would love to have. A figurine, a mug with the name of the series, a clever gimmick, etc etc. Think of it as early marketing. Something they might set on their desk or shelve. Get their attention. Everybody likes freebees.

    If these pitches are not in person, you could send it later as a way to remind them of you and how you would like to work with them.

    What do you think?

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