I’m thinking…maybe.  Eventually.  Let’s let the dust settle on this deal.  That said, I think it’s important that fandom get out in front of this and let the decision-makers know Stargate fans are still out there in force and ready to support a new in-canon series.  In the meantime, send them – @Amazon @AmazonStudios @JeffBezos – some reminders.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of yet another Ted Bundy film comes this announcement of a Ted Bundy streaming service…


It sounds terrible.  Except for the part about the adorable flesh-eating robot.

Today’s Yes/No…

Speaking of Stargate, here are some goodies from the SG-1 season 2 vault…

Sg1_1ep13_14b Sg1_3ep13_14 Sg1_4ep13_14b Sg1_5ep13_14 Sg1_9ep13_14b Sg1_11ep13_14

11 thoughts on “May 27, 2021: Stargate Tweetstorm? Yes/No

  1. Reporting for Tweetstorm duty, Captain. We await your command!

    T-Bundle sounds like what FB would be if it were a streaming service.

    Lobster cheesesteak doesn’t sound terrible. Plus the name Slapfish is an automatic win.

  2. A YES on the Twitterstorm.

    A hard NO on the Ted Bundy channel. 🙄

    A tentative YES on the Lobster Cheesesteak. I would need someone to share this with because of the size. I was raised with depression area parents and we were taught “Don’t waste food!”.

    Love the sketches! Hubby and I are re-watching SGA and I have to say that I really love the windows in Atlantis. The designs are very Frank Lloyd Wright’ish. We used to make stained glass windows and I’d love to get into that again. Although, not having slivers of glass in my fingers has been nice. 😉

    Good luck on the treatment Drea! I’ll be thinking of you on June 10th (that date is correct, yes?)

    Charlie has two more chemos. He was supposed to start a chemo this week but his numbers are too low.

    1. Thanks Tam. Love you xo and wil be sure to email ya details about everything currently going on as soon as things settle a bit more here. Still have a few extra busy exhausting days ahead.

  3. My first thought after Amazon closed the MGM deal was having another tweetstorm at the appropriate time. I shall be sending out vibes in the meanwhile

    Ted Bundy was too disgusting to even joke about. However, feel free to lift the flesh-eating robot idea for a new comicbook series.

    Yes to lobster in anything but dessert!

    Thank you for sharing the Touchstone and Spirits concept art. Lovely details in both of those episodes. It still impresses me that week after week such quality was produced for television.

  4. In every news story I’ve seen covering the MGM acquisition that has a comments section, the first comment is someone hoping this will mean a new Stargate series will happen. The news stories are all going on about Bond but all the readers are talking about Stargate!

  5. You should get Peter Lenkov to reboot Stargate. He’s good at rebooting shows like he did with Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-0, and MacGyver. I think he needs a new job and might be on his best behavior now. You would need to keep a watch over him though…. He could do a real kick-ass Stargate.

  6. Hey, Joe
    I could be wrong, (because this is all based on previous observation and professional character knowledge) albeit, I strongly feel it would be a HUGE mistake to ‘wait’ to do a tweet storm.

    Apologies in advance for the lengthier read, but this is info all involved, including the fans,
    should at the very least be aware of in deciding how to proceed going forward.

    Jeff BlackBurn plans to hit the ground running when he comes on board June 7th.
    There will be very little so called “dust settling” on Amazons part.
    This is Blackburn’s M.O. He is by no means a new Amazon employee (He’s been with the company for 20+ years) and already has an outlined plan set in place for MGM, ready to go! He will not simply be ‘winging it’ or making individual tv series decisions as he goes along.

    Andy Jassy, Amazon’s new CEO, (beginning July 2021) also already had a set outline and plan in place for bringing MGM out of debt before the lawyers ever got involved. These guys are by no means young amateurs or inexperienced early career climbers. They are, financially speaking, very big, successful, heavy hitters! That the MGM entity they just purchased carries a couple billion dollars in debt, Jassy’s M.O is to strike quickly and aggressively with a pre-determined plan to turn it around within a 12 month timeline. This doesn’t mean Amazon will immediately order a new SG series. It could still possibly take a few months. It just means Jassy, Blackburn and Hopkins already have a pre-set re-imagining plan in place for any new tv series coming out of MGM and it will be up to the existing SG fan base to try and change their mind. Which, again, I strongly suggest you all begin doing so immediately, loudly, and in a sustained/longer term campaign fashion.

    As of this moment, The Stargate franchise, as we currently know it, is in very real, significant, danger.
    There is an extremely high probability Mike Hopkins and Jeff Blackburn will green light Brad Wrights submission for a new in cannon SG story but will demand it be scripted and casted to appeal ‘primarily’ to Gen Z & Millennial subscribers. Because the younger generation make up the majority of Amazon’s streaming service subscribers. Thus, Baby Boomer and Generation X SG fans will need to convince these guys that it can expand Amazon’s user subscription numbers by at least a couple million via allowing Brad Wright to make the new SG story as “he” envisions it. And Wright, Twitter: @BradTravelers will need to convince Mike Hopkins that he can script and cast a new in cannon series that will strongly appeal equally to the younger gen and age 50+ subscribers alike.

    Also, it would be pointless to tag Jeff Bezos in tweets. Bezos is officially stepping down/resigning as Amazon CEO and will no longer concern himself in anyway or get involved in the entertainment division decisions. So long as Amazon continues to be profitable that’s all he will care about from here on out. Andy Jassy Twitter: @ajassy is taking over Amazon in Jeff Bezos spot and has already appointed, J Blackburn, Twitter: @JeffBlackburn to run their global media group beginning in June.
    For better or worse, Blackburn will more or less have final word on all new MGM movies and TV series, so long as he can convince Jassy at the end of each day, that his choices/decisions fit within the pre-determined debt resolution and profit build plan without bringing on any significant increased risk. For the next 12 months, until MGM’s debt is resolved, there will be little to no room/capacity for extra risks/burdens or to steer away from their strict plan.

    Any tweet storm participants should also be filling Mike Hopkins email box with personal notes/letters over a longer sustained period of time, as Mike reports directly to Blackburn and is the one most likely to become an ally and advocate for Brad Wrights vision,
    even though Hopkins is fully on board with Amazon’s re-imagining and financial plans for any new MGM produced tv shows. He did very well when he previously worked at Hulu. E’er just the same, Hopkins personality seems to hint at being a bit more open minded and understanding there is no need to fix what is not broken. Thus, he likely just needs to be convinced SG is a big money making ‘classic’ and perfect exactly as it is. No character, story, or script tweaking necessary.

    Email for Hopkins is: Michaelh@amazon.com.
    I’m sure if you are sincere, friendly and breif/to the point he’d more than welcome hearing from you.

    Please just remember Mike Hopkins is a potential ally, so probably best to keep the emails warm, sincere, friendly, and brief/to the point. And each person should only send one email, a piece. Not pester him with repeated/redundant emails. The notes/emails should be personally composed and simply explain why you feel any new SG series should be left in the competent hands of Brad wright and does not require any tweaking or re-imagining. Example: You might tell Mr Hopkins how SG has transcended generations. How you spent your young adult years watching and loving the SG series and how you introduced it to your children and they equally loved and found themselves hooked on it, as is, without any new fangled character and over all bible tweaking. He should see hundreds of ‘one time’ emails in his box from a diverse range of individual fans of all ages over a one month period of time, albeit, with a strong emphasis on recruiting North American fans ages 15-40 years willing to sincerely advocate for Brad Wrights vision.

    Jassy and Blackburn are all about 21st century streaming entertainment users and bottom line profit/growth. Thus, the goal will be to do whatever makes the most financial sense to resolve MGMs debt within the 12 month timeline June2021-May31,2022. If this means basically having to ignore what the currently existing Star Gate fan base craves, simply because they feel they will make more money off its younger subscribers, so be it. Based on previous observations, Blackburn and Hopkins will likely attempt to appease Amazons older generation subscribers with lower brow/less risk shows and movies in MGMs catalog. In estimating the subscriber math, debt amount and debt resolution timeline, My best guess is for next couple years these execs envision they will likely only be able to offer 1 show that appeals to age 50+ for every 10-15 new original series they offer aimed at their younger subscribers.

    There are very few shows and movies that are able to transcend time, appeal to all ages and generations and remain a highly profitable venture. Fortunately, like the enduring Star Trek franchise, the current SG is one of them.

    If you all do decide to begin a campaign. Know that all my heart and soul will be with you as i continue down the path toward extremely difficult surgeries and treatments to save my life and working my ass off to obtain proper, more personally suitable, affordable, sustainable, longer term housing.

    Love you always and always more than words can say my beautiful blog sibs. Wishing you all much success in any and all your fandom efforts and thanks so much for taking the time and having the patience to read this. Am very over tired right now so I probably didn’t explain it as properly or as thoroughly as i could have but hopefully you guys get the gist. XO

  7. I’m thinking of the tweetstorm words… it should be something like this: #BradsStargate or #CanonStargate …. we don’t want a reboot

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