So, a lot of Stargate fans have been commenting on this –

And they’ve been asking me if this is good news for Stargate.  Well, my answer to that is…maybe.  There’s no doubt that if this sale is finalized, we will see a new Stargate series sooner than later.  The big question is “What will this new series look like?”.  It’s no secret that longtime Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe) co-creator Brad Wright has been developing a new show.  In a best case scenario, an executive familiar with the franchise, and its amazing fandom, will recognize the huge potential there and fast-track his series.  In the worst case scenario, someone else is brought in, 20 years of canon gets wiped out, and the fans get screwed.  The latter is, in my view, most unlikely.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt to let Amazon know that the Stargate fandom is still strong, active, noisy, and happy to support Brad’s new in-canon series.

Hey, the Batman’s Greatest Villain (1960’s t.v. series edition!) Tournament moves on to the Sweet Sixteen.  Head on over and vote in the West Regional semi-finals where it’s The Riddler vs. Clock King, and The Madder Hatter vs. Minerva…

Today’s Yes/No is a little more no than yes for me…

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s Dark Matter Monday discussion of Episode 307, “I Wish I Could Believe You” with special guests director Paul Day and actor Jeff Teravainen:

Addendum.  Meant to add this gofundme for a blog reader:

8 thoughts on “May 25, 2021: On new Stargate and such!

  1. The very thought of the spaghetti popsicle makes me want to retch. And I love spaghetti. This would be tantamount to putting your spaghetti in a blender, liquefying it, and then drinking it. Gross.

    Note that the lethargic, disorganized vaccine roll-out seems to be province specific, not necessarily country-wide. Here in NB, we are actually ahead of schedule and I was told at my first shot appointment that the second shot date will likely be moved up, based on supply of course.

    I don’t think Ontario’s or any of several other provinces’ performance on the whole issue needs any more commentary. I will say that when people (speaking generally) elect governments that really don’t have any interest in actual governance, it’s not surprising that they don’t do the things that governing involves.

    1. Oh! I meant to add that for the SG possibility I’ve decided that nothing’s official until it’s official. That said, SURELY they would recognize the value of the built-in devoted fandom which would give a new in-canon series an immediately audience.

      Then again, network executives….

  2. I’d like to tell you how many American adults have gotten the vaccine so far, but I’ve already forgotten. It was impressive though.

    In my old age, I have begun not trusting producers and studios. I believe they are out to make a buck and really don’t care about anyone they step on in the process. Like fans. Please explain to me how Friends can run on NBC for 10 years but when they have a reunion special it airs on HBO. Lots of people don’t have HBO. Oh well.

  3. Sorry to hear about your moms experience with her second vax appointment.
    I get that stuff happens and they had to reschedule.
    But to not at the very least send an email or text. WTF! ????????

    By the way, before anyone gets any brainy ideas to aspire to clown grade
    via throwing Ivon Bartok’s kitty off the roof of Joe & Ivon’s apartment building
    just to try and make a few bucks off the brief spectacle of a bouncing dead cat,
    best watch the video in the link below, first.

  4. Its distressing that your mom wasn’t able to get the second vaccine, I hope all will go smoothly at her next appointment for it. It creates needless barriers and will cause some folks not to bother to get the second does. You do have good coverage with the first but you want the excellent coverage of having both. It underlines why years ago a doc friend said many of his patients at Yale Univ hospital where from Quebec and drove or took the train for care in New Hampshire.

    The MGM news sounds good of it means more Stargate, but Amazon has so many one season or even just a pilot of shows they decided not to go ahead with, hopefully with MGM they can have a properly run studio.

    For the scribblers on the blog Netflix is partnering with Sky to launch a writing fellowship for UK writers that sounds very fun, run by the showrunner of Hulu’s Four Weddings:

    1. Whoops, not Yale, meant Dartmouth in New Hampshire, their clinics are accessible to Quebec.

  5. We need a tweet storm tagging Jeff. Please, set something up!

    @JeffBezos @stargatecommand Jeff, NOW is the time to Greenlight the new and written #Stargate series by @bradtravelers and @BaronDestructo #announceANewStargate #bringBackStargate #keepTheCannon

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