Later today, Dark Matter fans…

In case you missed it, Dial the Gate: SG-1, Season 10…

Dogs are so smart.  And vindictive.

Today’s Yes/No…

This is so YES I genuinely feel like I’m missing out.

4 thoughts on “May 24, 2021: Don’t miss out. In case you missed it. I feel like I’m missing out.

  1. 👋 I’m still here. It’s just been busy. I was helping a friend move her daughter into a new house. I hope all is well in Toronto and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. 😀 😀 😀
    Hey, just be happy your’e not living on bagels at this point. On the other hand, i hear bagel land is having a huge sale with additional discounts for customers who donate their bouncing dead cat to its save the killer bee’s fund. The majority of folks who eat their own dog food resoundingly endorse it as one of the fastest wild rides they’ve been on in a very long while.

    As for me, the last seven days have been extremely rough and i had an opportunity to pick up extra work hours while a co-worker was on holiday so i had to take it, despite anything else going on.
    Albeit, liver, stomach, anemia and weight issues continue to improve and the first surgery is now scheduled for June 10th. I feel like a moth heading toward an inextinguishable insurmountable
    wall of flame. It’s not so much that i am drawn to the light as it is the tiramisu ice cream i see
    sitting there unaccompanied melting just behind it. Yes, i know i will get burned before i can reach it.
    Albeit, such is the stuff as pandoughra’s box is made on.

  3. Okay, I have no idea what that tweet of yours meant. Nor what Drea just said. I wish WordPress would automatically punctuate my words for me like my cell phone does, and I truly believe June bugs are the equivalent of insect zombies, flying straight for me, with clingy sticky legs, wanting to kill me.

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