In case you missed yesterday Dark Matter Monday with special guest stars actor Mishka Thebaud and director J.B. Sugar…

Today’s Yes/No…

I may actually try to make this.


How’s everyone doing?  Been vaccinated?  If so, what were your reactions?  Sleepy?  Nausea?  Mild super powers?  Do tell.

More concept art from the SG-1 vault…

Sg1_1_ep7_9b Sg1_2_ep7_9 Sg1_3_ep7_9b Sg1_4_ep7_9b Sg1_5ep7_9b Sg1_6ep7_9b Sg1_7ep7_9b Sg1_8ep7_9b

11 thoughts on “May 11, 2021: The Tuesday Report!

  1. Had 2nd Moderna shot on March 30. Started getting side effects about an hour later. The second day was worse and it took me about 4 days to really feel normal again. So worth it though. Got to meet up with a friend last week who I hadn’t seen since March last year.

  2. Doing pretty well here, the case count is coming down in NB finally (2 today) and I get vaccinated on Thursday! I’m not expecting a reaction (I don’t usually with the flu one) but we’ll see. I’m hoping for a super speed or perhaps invisibility mutation, but I’ll take whatever.

    Otherwise, it’s been super busy between my roles with the Nature Conservancy trail work and being the trail master for the Fundy Footpath and getting ready for the season there. I’m having to actually schedule my days! Since I’ve been retired I really haven’t had to do that, but I will admit it’s kind of nice to keep so busy.

  3. These Message in a Bottle’ drawings are beautiful. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them!

    How am I? Six weeks post back surgery and feeling very old. Doing okay, but not bouncing back as quickly as I had hoped. Not complaining, though, because I am still so blessed.

    As for the vaccine, I’m still holding off. I have autoimmune issues and there is absolutely no data being posted about the safety of the vaccines in people with already compromised immune systems. I’m choosing to continue to isolate and wear a mask for now. Plus, the mRNA technology is still too new for my liking. I’m very conflicted. I wish you all the best, though!

  4. Got my first dose about 3 hours ago. I’m a little achy but it’s only a mild distraction at this point. I’m in BC, so my second dose is 4 months away, but I’m still looking forward to a slightly less abnormal life in a couple weeks time. In person boardgaming with vaccinated friends FTW.

  5. Vaccines: I had Pfizer, husband had Moderna. Being retirees, we were able to plan to rest the day after. Neither of us had issues other than fatigue.

  6. I haven’t been posting in quite awhile, but I follow your blog avidly. It’s always a bright highlight of my day as you write such interesting posts plus I love following Suji’s adventures.

    I received my second vaccine shot last week (Moderna). I had quite mild side effects. The first shot just caused pain at the site of the injection for a couple days. The second caused the same plus I had a fever for about 12 hours. Not bad at all. It’s a huge relief to have it done. They’re talking about possible booster shots in the Fall. It’s just depends on the varients and the situation at the time. The mutations are worrisome. I’m watching India in particular. With the frightening situation there, and how overwhelmed they are, I think it’s ripe for mutation.

    Stay safe!

  7. Vaccines? What are they? Apparently over-50s can get them here in Australia but I don’t know anyone who has actually received one yet.

  8. Thankfully no adverse reactions to either of my Pfizer vaccinations although I confess I was kinda hoping to grow a third arm or eye in the back of my head.

  9. Had the first Pfizer vaccine last week with no problems. Are more wary of the side effects of the 2nd one. I know heaps of women especially (including my two daughters – young adults) who have had side effects from the second. Here in NZ it’s the border workers and their close contacts and health care workers who have been vaccinated first. Still, it’s preferable to contracting COVID especially Long COVID with its post viral fatigue like symptoms which would be awful, and difficult to treat.

  10. Got both doses of Pfizer, the only thing scary about the process was leaving the safe cocoon of home to wait in line with a bunch of people. Now that I’m vaxxed I’m a lot let stressed about venturing out but I don’t really go that far these days. I do know I will be moving into a house next time I move, I need a yard, possibly an orchard, I am craving acres of my own land.

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