Mills asks: “A question popped into my head last night (nothing intellectual so feel free to ignore) but when production wrapped on your SG series what happened to the hero Stargates? I understand that when a set is struck things tend to go missing here and there- did you see anyone leaving the studios with a suspiciously large trailer covered in tarpaulin?”

Answer: To be honest, I don’t know what happened to our hero gate.  I do know that one of the gates – presumably the Pegasus gate – was sold off in parts.  It was auctioned off along with most of the other Stargate-related items.  I do regret not having kept a few more keepsakes after SGU wrapped.  Those Lost Tribe space suits were particularly cool.

mr_machia asks: “Speaking of Dark Matter, is there any chance that we might get a novelization of the series? ”

Answer: In a word – no.  The prospect of sitting down to write a novel is too daunting, and I’m the only one who can tell my story.  Still holding out hope for that miniseries though!

Herb asks: “What platform do you use for anime?”

Answer: I use Netflix and Amazon Prime (to a limited extent).  Otherwise, I depend on Akemi’s Japan connection!

Tam Dixon writes: “I do love your Akemi stories. Does she mind that you’re sharing these gems?”

Answer: Nope.  She doesn’t mind.  But as payback, has started featuring videos of me on her youtube channel.

Line Noise asks: “I’m intrigued by the Icy Squares. What makes them icy?”

Answer: I’m not sure, but I believe it’s the weird edible oil product that gives them a very unique texture.

Carl asks: “How likely are you to be back to write episodes of SG ?”

Answer: Well, a new series has to be green lit first.  At that point, it will be up to Brad to assemble his writers’ room.  If he asks, and I’m free, I’d love to work a new Stargate series.

Carl asks: “Besides MGM to get into the project, they need a channel (or many) like Syfy to buy the series, Have they been approach and have they show interest ?”

Answer: I’m not as dialed into the specifics of everywhere they are pitching the show.

Tam Dixon writes: “Did I hear that correctly about Akemi falling down the stairs?”

Answer: That was an incident to back when she was working at the Pierre Marcolini Cafe in Ginza.  Yes, she took a tumble – with a trayful of chocolate parfaits.  Sadly, the parfaits did not survive.

Drea writes: “Has Akemi made any decisions about whether or not she wants to try her hand at growing her own mushrooms at home?”

Answer: I think she finds the task a little too daunting.  But she’s already started considering what crops to plant for this upcoming season.

Capping things off with today’s Yes/No.  I think I could use one of these…

4 thoughts on “March 20, 2021: Fielding your question!

  1. Thanks for answering our questions! I’m glad Akemi wasn’t hurt. My sympathies on the parfaits.

    Yes to the grapes but without the cotton candy.

    It reminds me of wine soaked frozen grapes. I’ve always wanted to try these. Plain frozen grapes are wonderful, so the boozy version are probably delicious, too. I’m making this on the next girl trip.

    I had a physical a couple of weeks ago and told the dr that I was sure I had a low grade sinus infection. I get those a lot. The sinus surgery helped but … Anyhoo, he gave me a course of antibiotics and it’s amazing how much more energy I have. I was that frog in the boiling pot of water. Most dr’s just blow off the symptoms but I’ve learned to either bypass the GP for the ENT or insist on an X-ray.

    Speaking of illness, Charlie is at St. Jude Hospital again with chemo complications. He is post surgery (they had to remove part of his shoulder to get the tumor) and is half way through his chemo. Anyway, if everyone could send good thoughts/prayers/wishes to him, he would greatly appreciate it. Speaking with his mom so often, I get a small glimpse of what these kids/parents go through. I’m very thankful.

    Happy Suji Sunday!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer mine and others questions Joe, I can’t be the only fan here rabidly waiting to consume your every insight into production.

    That’s interesting about the hero gates, leaves met with the hope that hiding somewhere out there might be a fully sized Stargate waiting to be found.

    I understand what you say about wanting keepsakes from SGU (or as my wife pronounces it ‘sgoo’), having just completed my first rewatch since it aired I need to say the production value was absolutely phenomenal. It’s easily one of the best parts, along with the cast and the writing of course!

    Thanks again for answering my question- stay safe!

  3. You might wake up (or not be able to sleep) and just have to get some Dark Matter story written into prose. I’m trying to speak it into existence, here.

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