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So, what do you think?

Not a fan of burritos, but I’d definitely try this one.

So how are your holiday plans looking?  Mine are still up in the air.  I, of course, usually spend Christmas with the family in Montreal, but this pandemic has complicated matters this year.  There’s absolutely no way I’m getting on a plane any time soon, so my only option is to rent a car and do the 6 hour drive.  I’ve done it before, but always in company and, this time around, not sure if that will be the case as Akemi is extremely reluctant to travel.  On the other hand, mom did finally get internet…

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

10 thoughts on “November 9, 2020: How are your holiday plans looking?

  1. So far, no plans other than what we’ve done the last few months. My elderly mother lives with us, so to keep her safe, minimal contact. Our normal Thanksgiving of 25+ people will be 5 this year. Christmas is still up in the air, but likely the same.

    We’ll probably get a lot of model building done in the time we have off. I’m being forced to take time off from work, even though my entire department is down to just me. I have a little over 3 months of vacation time saved up and the boss is complaining.

  2. Trying to plan a few options for year end but every option seems to be slowly going up in smokes. Still planning but nothing can be made definitive yet unfortunately. All the doors seem to be closing slowly one after another. 🙁

  3. I’ve had so many travel plans cancelled this year I’m reluctant to book anything! We do have the ferry booked to go down to Tasmania for Christmas but it’s dependent on the Tasmanian border opening to Victoria. We’re on track so our fingers are crossed!

  4. Planning to stay in San Antonio, TX, though I’m overdue to visit the elderly Arkansas relatives. (Good Lord! I’m technically elderly now, too!)

  5. Not sure about the cheese covered burrito. I like the cheese inside, though I suppose it all ends up the same.

    Travel within the Atlantic bubble is still good to go, so I imagine I will go down to visit my brother and sister-in-law in NS and either before or after Christmas, my friends in PEI. We’re still getting the odd case pop up here, but nothing like ON.

  6. Possible Holiday Solution Compromise:
    Rather than trying to convince Akemi
    to overcome her fear of exposing herself
    to more people:

    Rent Car Dec 18-27.

    December 18th go buy a 4 ft (apartment appropriate size)
    Christams tree + ornaments.
    Help Akemi decorate it.

    December 19th 10 am et.
    Drive to moms house alone.
    December 23rd, 10 am, Drive home.

    Arrange picking up a dinner to go for 2
    for Christmas eve from one of your mutually favorite Toronto restaurants.

    Christmas Eve: Go pick up dinner.
    Take Akemi and Suji along and stop to watch ice skaters in one of the parks
    and/or stop at an outdoor botanical garden thats been all lit up and decorated
    for the holidays.
    Make video call with Akemi to her sis.
    Followed by call to her mother & brother.
    Have a lovely candlelit dinner.

    Christmas Day: Give Suji her Christmas gifts and watch her have fun.
    Vid call with Akemi to mom & Andria, then, later in the day, to Lawrence & wife.

    December 26: Shortly after dark, Go for ride to check out Christmas lights and decorations
    on peoples homes. – just to get the 3 of you up and out.
    Stop at your favorite eclair shop for a pistachio treat
    on the way home. Be sure to pick up some
    GATEAU PISTACHE ROYALE while you are there.
    It looks and sounds absolutely delicious! xo
    Akemi can hang in the car with Suji while you go into the shop to pick up
    any order you called in earlier in the day.


    December 27: Return car.

  7. I’m single and live alone. My elderly cousins are over 1,000 miles away. Not wanting to risk anyone’s health, including my own, I shall be dining and celebrating with just the cats. It doesn’t change the meaning and significance of the holidays for me; it just won’t be as much fun.

  8. I’m a burrito fan, so yes. With rice/beans as a side, though.

    We’re driving to my Mom’s house. It’s only 3 hours but we’ll drive back that night. Too much time there makes me edgy.

    Yes, flying would be awful right now. I’m too OCD to enjoy flying in the best of times. Remember JeffW say that the guy next to him kept falling asleep and drooling on his shoulder? My hubby used to fly a lot and said he saw a kid licking the tray. Now, I disinfect everything around me on a plane and that was before the plague. 😉

    Anyway, you could make the drive with some podcasts or something. Time flies when you’re listening to a good story. Does Akemi know how to drive? Two drivers would make a big difference.

  9. Thanksgiving is usually a travel time for us. Either we go to family in Kentucky or Nashville, or we do a trip. Last year we did Williamsburg and Charleston, SC. It was a fantastic trip and seeing it decorated for the holiday season was beautiful.

    This year we’re going down to Key West. It’s a 7 hour drive which, frustratingly, is only about 4 hours by a relatively speedy boat since we’re already 2/3 of the way down the west coast of Florida. Cars have to go all the way across the state and then swing back west. The keys are doing a good job with masking, social distancing, and restricting the number of people in public spaces, so we feel relatively safe.

    Of course, all of this is predicated on not getting another hurricane. Wish us luck.

  10. Our usual 25+ Thanksgiving celebration will be down to 10 of us that have been in the same bubble. Will zoom those that can’t be here this year. Unless it rains, will have it in the backyard with tables, tv trays separated by 10 feet or more. Giving up the good china, etc. and are using plastic, paper napkins, etc. with each of us having our own serving utensils, etc. Xmas and New Year’s will be very small with just my mom who is 96 and runs circles around most of us (as long as she has Talenti ice cream) However we all celebrate the holidays this year, hopefully our precautions will help keep us, our families, friends, etc. safe and get us back next year to our traditions.

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