A spooky ship!  Dead crewmembers!  Space Zombies!!!

Join us TONIGHT at 5:30 p.m. ET when the gang at Orville Nation and I discuss Dark Matter’s spookiest episode…

Come armed!  With questions!

So, how was everyone’s weekend?  What did you all get up to?  How are your respective fantasy football teams doing?  For my Snow Monkeys, it all comes down to tonight’s Giants-Bucs game.  Can the Bucs D put up more than 2 points?  Can Bucs kicker Succop and Giants TE Engram 23 combined points?!  All will be revealed tonight on Monday Night Football!

A little stroll down Stargate memory line…

Nup_132350_0598 Nup_132350_0600 Nup_132350_0605 Nup_132350_0618 Nup_132350_0638 Nup_132350_0711 Nup_132350_0737 Nup_132350_0752 Nup_132350_0776 Nup_132350_0783 Nup_132350_0792 Nup_132350_0822 Nup_132350_0835 Nup_132350_0892 Nup_132350_0929 Nup_132350_0943 Nup_132350_0926

Dial the Gate’s David Read chats with longtime Stargate Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper…

And to catch up on all of the interviews you’ve missed, go here.

5 thoughts on “November 2, 2020: We discuss Dark Matter’s spookiest episode! Snow Monkeys! And Stargate stuff!

  1. On Saturday I made a social distancing candy slide, and blocked my porch steps with zombie caution tape. Had a fair amount of kids come by, and some of the adults wore masks. Interactive but safe. I watched the moon rise over the mountains and it was wonderful. A pleasant evening.

    Sunday I put away all the Halloween stuff and set out the autumn stuff. I need to do more yardwork, but when don’t I?

    Today I made cookie dough and ordered groceries and got the cotton sheets swapped with the flannel sheets. Mmmm, freshly made bed. Amazon stock up arrived. Have to have those Tortuga rum cakes for Cake for Breakfast Fridays…. shoot, I forgot whipped cream. I did remember a supermarket bouquet.

  2. The glass cage really scared me in this episode. I was just waiting for the Wraith to break out. Very effective direction there.

  3. I thought the improv Todd poetry scene was hilarious. Can picture him up on stage at hipster joint w/ whole room agog in transfixed trance. Next scene a hipster joint full of desiccated humans.

    Not much going on here. First snow fall. Very windy & cold. But tomorrow warmer & then it says possibly 50’s & 60’s rest of week?? Tomorrow (or today really) is going to be interesting 🤔. I’m voting & then going to try & stay away from the news. Need to go shopping. Hopefully we won’t be under martial law🙄. Maybe I will drive a couple of hours & sneak into 🇨🇦. Up for visitors?

    I remember the 1st time I watched Dark Matter a few years ago I was pretty pissed about #1. So much so that I stopped watching & didn’t continue for about a year later. Why why why!??? He was so good! ☹️

    There is currently a serious sci-fi void of quality TV shows & I am hoping you can fix that 🙂 or some other compelling show that fills the void.

    Time for bed.

  4. He is so tall next to the lady! Christopher Heyerdahl had a little guest role on Star Trek : Discovery.

    I was not really interested in Halloween. People are enough scarry without face masks in the pharmacy. “Insolence” as Osiris would say it.

  5. One more thing. Andee Frizzell has spoken in the Dial the gate interview about how the cateye type of contact lenses can turn around in time after wearing them for a while. Now I could notice it on the close-up picture of Todd in his left eye too.

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