Thanks to everyone who took the time to post some kind words on yesterday’s blog entry.  To be honest, even though it may have sounded like I was down and in need of cheering up, I was simply stating fact.  Writing can be immensely rewarding.  But most of the time, it’s tough – and occasionally frustrating.  Still, it was heartening to read such positive support – and Matthew’s father’s reminder that Haydn was feeling creatively tapped out when he wrote his most famous symphonies.

Today, Akemi and I went in for our annual physicals which, in my case, included a very blood panel, urine test (in the event I opt to play pro ball this year), ultrasound, ECG, vision check, and general inspection.  To prepare for for it (aka fool the blood test), in the days leading up to my appointment, I chose fish over fried chicken and limited myself to a single dessert a day.  I look forward to the results!

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, my 86 year old mother is nursing a strained back, suffered following an afternoon of leaf raking.  Some time after the ninth bag, she apparently experienced pain in her knee that progressed to leg pain, possibly the result of pinched nerve.  She’s scheduled to see a specialist in the coming weeks.  Not sure if it’s to check out her back or help her with the raking but either would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

Hey, Stargate fans!  Remember Solitary Man?

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22 thoughts on “October 27, 2020: Thanks! Mom ends up on IR! Solitary Man!

  1. Hope your Mum gets better soon, I know from experience backs can be tricky things

  2. Love this ep, the set looks gorgeous and that is my third favorite Wraith behind Todd and Mikey the Mischievous. And thanks to spell check just realized I’ve been spelling and pronouncing mischievous incorrect all my life.

  3. Best wishes to Mrs. Mallozzi from a veteran of the spine and sciatic nerve wars.

    Please define “on IR” for those of us with slightly different medical vocabularies. “Injured Reserve”, as in sports?

  4. Hope mom gets to feeling better!

    Vegas. Great episode by the crazily talented Robert C. Cooper.

    PS: This Sheppard DID NOT die. They got to him just in time.

  5. Oh, I hope your mom’s feeling better soon! Send her our best!

    Of course I remember “Solitary Man” – one of my favourite episodes!

  6. I hope you Mums back gets better real soon and that your blood work comes back with good news. Stay healthy! We need more great shows from you 😎

  7. Loved the episode and all the music … especially Johnny Cash … Solitary Man! I feel with you and we all understand. When things are not happening, a mood to write goes away. Keep moving and writing even in small steps and creativity will follow. Best to you! xo

  8. Your Mom reminds me of my Mom. She’s always busy. I hope your Mom is feeling better today. Does she know how to use Netflix? This is a good time to catch up on her reading, as well. Does she use Kindle? My Mom is anti-tech, so I send her paperbacks.

  9. My second favorite episode in the entire series, split with Tao of Rodney, first being ‘The Last Man’.

    Amazing episode with a fantastic change of pace and it’s an one I’ve probably watched way too many times.

    I can’t think of a better use of Johnny Cash’s Solitary Man than to represent alternate reality Sheppard, gives me goosebumps every time.

  10. Vegas was such a great episode. It showed that there was so much creativity still in the tank and reminds me why I hate SyFy.

  11. P.S. If anyone is into prayers, good wishes or such, I have a friend that needs them. Her son (11), Charlie is waiting for test results from St. Jude. Charlie was running through the house and ran into a wall breaking toes/hurting his shoulder. He’s a typical kid. The E.R. found a tumor in his shoulder. Just a fluke that they found it early. Charlie’s brother is recovering from brain surgery (aneurism), so the family has been the wringer this year. St. Jude only takes the worst conditions that regular hospitals won’t be able to treat. Anyway, please beam good thoughts their way.

      1. Thank you! It IS cancer but because Charlie is a clumsy goofball, they caught it early. Poor kid is going to have a rough few months, so please continue sending prayers/good thoughts his way. St. Jude is a wonderful place. They say Charlie’s chances are good but it is an aggressive cancer. Can you imagine having two seriously ill children? 😳

    1. Sending positive thoughts, positive energy, best wishes to TamDixon’s friend’s son. 🙏

  12. (Joe, for your mom for Christmas, it may be time for one of those recliner chairs that help you in and out of it. My dad loved his!)

  13. I thought Solitary Man was one of the best SGA episodes. Best wishes to your Mum. When she’s better, could she come and rake up my garden? 🙂

  14. One of my favorites but it also it also means that it was second to last episodes of Stargate Atlantis.

  15. I hope your mom bounces back quickly, back pain is no fun at all! Best healing wishes for her. Leaves are no joke, mine don’t drop for another week or two. At least there will be fewer to rake after the summer windstorms took out so many branches, and whole trees.

    Love and light to Charlie, TamDixon. Stupid cancer.

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