Ready to hit the winter streets!


Keeping an eye on you.


Little monster.




Stretching those legs!

A reminder that I’ll be joining the gang at Orville Nation tomorrow (Monday, 5:30 p.m.) to chat about Dark Matter Episode 4.  Details below!

7 thoughts on “October 25, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Got my chill healing chimes and crystals station on Pandora and pics of adorable Suji, what a great way to relax on a Sunday. Suji is the reincarnation of an 80’s designer who popularized streetwear and terrorized fashion week.

    I spent most of the weekend binging Queen’s Gambit and something called Versailles that features British actors pretending to be French. It does have glimpses of fabulous Versailles gardens but I had to skip through a lot of wigs, chunky heels and fainting couches to get to gorgeous grounds.

    1. We did a couple of years but they’re surprisingly expensive to produce.

  2. I have a friend that bought a doggie backpack for his corgie. She gets to go hiking with him now. Sweet.

    Good morning out there!!!! Yes, I’ve had a massive amount of caffeine. 🙂 I hope everyone has a good day.

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