Had a great zoom chat today with blog readers Lauren, MaggieMayDay, and Quantum Mechanics.  We covered everything from Dark Matter and Stargate to skeletons and Starlink satellites.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Let’s do it again soon!

A reminder to all that David Read will be kicking off his Dial the Gate series tomorrow with a triple header that will see him interview Joe Flanigan, Tony Amendola, followed yours truly at 6:00 p.m. EST

Behind the scene photos from one of my very favorite Atlantis episodes – “Remnants”…

Nup_131689_0476 Nup_131689_0497 Nup_131689_0515 Nup_131689_0534 Nup_131689_0564 Nup_131689_0808

5 thoughts on “October 9, 2020: Zoom! Dial the Gate! And more goodies from the Stargate vault!

  1. Ohhhhhhhh, so that’s how you made that hand go away. I’m so dumb, I should have known. It looked so real.

  2. “Where am I? How did I get this green glove on my hand? Did I drink too much last night?” – Col. Sheppard.

    The Zoom chat was awesome and a great gift to see & interact with a hero of mine. Learned a lot. It is a good idea to have several things in the fire so that if something hits, you’re ready to roll. Hoping you have an awesome weekend & that we’ll see TimEscape soon!

  3. I’m glad the Zoom went well and everyone learned the program. You said that work was plentiful, so thanks for making time for this.

    I thought of another good binge show, The Great British Baking Show. You’ve probably caught that already but new episodes are coming weekly. That show taught me about all the buttercreams out there. I knew about American and French but the Swiss buttercream has changed my life. 🙂

  4. Just rewatched S5 of SGA and i just drop off of it. Just boring as hell … Lots of “fill out” episodes(5×12, 5×13 5×14 5×18). I me
    I thought it was me but i enjoyed S3. Personal ranks : S3>S2>S1>S4>S5 .

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