Well, this was a lot of fun.  I sat down with the gang at Orville Nation the other day and we talked sci-fi, Stargate, Dark Matter, and, of course, food.

We also discussed the notion of doing a Dark Matter rewatch that would culminate in a weekly Monday discussion in which I would offer behind the scenes insights on the individual episodes.

Who’s in?

I’ve completed a first draft of my Project F overview and have set it aside for a couple of days so that I can return to it with fresh eyes top of next week.  Fresh eyes and also a set of notes from fellow writer Alex Levine (following Ivon Bartok’s set of notes).  In the interim, I’m going to see if I can come up with a couple of takes for these studio-owned characters I was pitched yesterday.  So far, nothing.  But I’m sure something will come.  Eventually.

Who’s up for some behind the scenes pics from the old Stargate days?





11 thoughts on “September 26, 2020: Who’s up for a Dark Matter rewatch?

  1. I am completely up for both the DM rewatch and the SG memories! But who is the poor fellow behind Joe Flanigan with the red jacket and his head in his hand? He looks like he needs a break.

  2. Count me in! Thanks for sharing the memories. My love for these shows is just as strong today as it was when they first aired.

  3. A Dark Matter Weekly Re-watch oh HECK YES! You name time & place… I’ll be there👍😁

  4. I would be…but I just know I’ll end up so frustrated again when it’s missing it’s ending 🙁 same with Universe…..so much else stacked up to watch as well…..

  5. My disc’s are in storage and unavailable.
    So a rewatch with background benefits is an absolute yes.

    I’m still hoping for a follow on series and movies.

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