Yes, the most obvious and perhaps easiest way to get in touch with me is through this blog.  Have a question?  Just post it as a comment.  I moderate all comments before publishing so if you’d rather not have it made public.  Just let me know.  Please avoid the “feedback” section of this blog.  It magically sprang up when I transferred to my private domain and sits unaccessed by yours truly, like a dear aunt’s Christmas gift or the sweater vest your mom bought you when you were 14.


Next to this blog, twitter is the easiest place to get in touch.  Just tag me in a comment or DM me if you’re inquiring about an interview or looking to add my name to your will.  Don’t DM me to chit chat.  I hate chit chat and prefer to interact in a public forum where everyone can benefit from my sage, fried chicken-related advice.


I’m fairly active on two subreddits, Dark Matter and Stargate, and do interact with fans on both, almost always answering questions in the threads, sometimes over DM, NEVER on chat.   Chatting is for people with too much time on their hands.


I’m rarely on IG so my postings are….erratic.  I also rarely interact on IG through DM’s as I never get around to them.  The fact that I can only post photos via my phone has led me to hold a longstanding grudge against Instagram.


The chances of getting in touch with me through Facebook are about as likely as trying to get in touch with me via sky messages.  I used to frequent Facebook to only share lost dog posts but now I don’t even do that.  If it wasn’t for my pug’s (New Old Pug Suji) page, I would have been done away with this antiquated bullshit site long ago.


Lol.  Are you serious?  I remember my former writing partner, Paul, once lamenting the fact that he had unwittingly signed up for Linkedin and then tried unsuccessfully to delete his account before giving up.  So, mine is still out there, gathering dust along with the countless connection requests and messages from people who really should just be reaching out to me on twitter or this blog.

If you reach out, please don’t send me your Stargate ideas.  I’m not creating/developing a series.  That would be Brad Wright.  Also, please don’t send Brad Wright your Stargate ideas (or ask me to get them to Brad).  Trust me, he doesn’t need them.  He’s got plenty of his own.

I’m surprised by the number of people who said they would watch.  I may need to rethink my development slate.

15 thoughts on “September 15, 2020: Getting in touch. Or not.

  1. Guilty of FB connecting. Apologies.

    In happy news, my cardiac procedure & meds changes have produced good results so far. Getting stuff done both online & off that I’ve been putting off for months if not years.

  2. It’s not easy to post on this site anymore, try to click on the icons for wordpress, google, twitter or facebook the throbber (that’s that spinning icon when a page loads) just keeps spinning and nothing happens. It happened a few weeks ago. Very annoying, just take it for granted I have a like on your blog posts cause it takes fit farting around to try to put a like or post. See if this goes through, this way…

  3. Totally agree with you re Facebook. I now seldom am on there for more than 5 mins a day, often not at all. It’s become a cesspool of a website. I think (?) I still have a LinkedIn account, but I really cannot remember a password for it. Nor do I care. Lately, in a effort to manage stress, I’ve limited my Twitter access somewhat.

    I was out for a walk this evening and noticed that the sunset was really quite orange and wondered if it had anything to do with the fires out west. Sure enough…

    I was just thinking earlier today how much I was craving a nice mochachino and chocolate assortment from SOMA. I miss traveling!

  4. I guess that explains why you don’t respond when I tag you on the MySpace posts I write about my series idea called “Fun With the Furlings”. Drat.

  5. “The fact that I can only post photos via my phone has led me to hold a longstanding grudge against Instagram.”

    This. Instagram is very anti-browser. They want you to install their app so they can track you. They’re owned by Facebook so, yeah, ‘nuf said.

    I have a Facebook account that is gathering dust. I, too, would delete it except my family insist on organising family events on it. Maybe it’s time to ghost my family?

    I don’t do much on Twitter but I skim Reddit pretty regularly. It takes me back to when I used to run my own bulletin board systems.

    I maintain my LinkedIn profile because I got my last two jobs through LinkedIn!

  6. Oh yeah, and I thought “pre-greenlit” was called “development hell”?

  7. No question, just a comment. I just finished watching the first season of Utopia Falls with my 11 year old daughter. She had just read the Divergent and Hunger Games series, she loves reading and watching teen drama and she plays violin and loves music; this show was pretty much made for her! Of course she loved it and wants more! I also loved watching it with her, thank you.

      1. I hope it gets a season 2. There are themes in there that are resonating with what is going on in the world at the moment. It would fit in perfectly. I actually opened a Hulu account just for that and now I’ve stayed because there is a lot of great stuff on there.

  8. “The fact that I can only post photos via my phone has led me to hold a longstanding grudge against Instagram.”

    No you can post via your pc browser.
    1. right click on the page
    2. click on ‘inspect’
    3. Look to the left and chose from the drop down box a phone simulation. The web page will now act ias if you’re a phone and let you post stuff that way.

  9. Ha. I am old, I use Facebook. I did notice you had retired from it, mostly. I’m on Reddit, but mostly over on r/widowers, moderating. That’s a whole universe of sad, it gets rough. Direct messages on Reddit? Are people high? My widow status attracts scammers and perverts, so that’s fun. Instagram? For pictures, but they also go to Twitter and FB. I have Twitter on my laptop, hate it on my phone, hardly ever look at it. I have a WordPress blog, linked to my avatar here. I rarely update it though, and I surely need to get on that.

    1. I hate every app on my phone.

      My pervert quotient is low, but my spam quotient is high.

  10. Hi Joe,
    I have to admit I just rarely read your blog and I have come mostly to collect aome SG concept arts or behind the scenes photos. You should really organise these art photos into an official SG book.

    I hope you will be part of the public relationship team regarding of the new SG show. So it would be nice if you could step-up and not “only” be a producer or writer, but also a creative team leader who would advertise the show on different platforms of media. You were the one mainly who has taken so many behind the scenes photos and videos, so I can hope we can count on you with such things.

    I have to admit that everyone has got an idea how a “perfect” Stargate should look like. But every viewers are different, so there is no way that BW can please everyone. Shall it be a comedy? Character drama? Hardcore crossovers? Space action series? Mythology based relic hunter type adventure show? Alien conspiracy series? etc.

    I wish the Stargate can return in a glorious way to the tv screen as it can open the way for much more. Now it sounds like a common word, but it is really a great storytelling device. Viewers loved how step by step the lore was expandig while they were part of the journey how the SGC has evolved. You can write any tv genre with this gate system as even more seperated playgrounds can be introduced in time. We can all agree that this franchise has made an influence on people as it has literally opened so many creative energies from fans. And while I am aware of it that writers are not allowed to read or accept any ideas, maybe it would be worth of asking the fans what they would like to see in the nextgenSG.

    It will be challenging to get the new viewer generation as nowadays even computer games have got such detailed lore, amazing visual effects, so you have to impress them. I mean I have grown up on C64 games then I have had my first PC in the ’90es, so I have seen exactly how tv shows and game industry evolved. We were happy with a standing picture as an illustration for a planet, but now the players can visit alien worlds. I hope you can follow me as I wanted to say that this type of interactive storytelling can never happen in a tv show, so BW must be under great pressure how to touch this age group to comvince them to sit down in front of the tv for better rating. And now when I see motion and emotion capture even in games not just like in Avatar then I am simply amazed how technology has reached higher and higher level. Some games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider feel like a movie, but I am aware of it how much money they have cost.

    But I am guessing you see this created world differently from us since you are one of the creator of it. I mean we are viewers who enjoy the product, but only staff know how much effort was put into it to be able to shoot and finish it. Sometimes I believe people have no idea how hard is to produce a tv episode (like keeping the budget, satisfing the actors, maintaining the well oiled machine). I hope you don’t mind that people ask questions mostly about your work, but nothing about private life.

    Anyway I hope Stargate will be back and it can grow into a bigger franchise again. If CBS can prosper from 3-5 Star Trek spinoffs than maybe Stargate could also maintain even a 5th or 6th or even 7th spinoffs in the next decade. And who knows? Maybe you will get a chance to create your own SG show one day if the fourth one is going to be successful.

    Thanks for everything,


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