Well, I’ve had better days.  While, on the one hand, I just closed a deal to develop two new sci-fi shows, another project was dealt a serious blow with the departure of one of my favorite executives down south.  Meanwhile, things remain quiet as I await word on some other projects in play.

Having close the aforementioned deals for those two new sci-fi shows, I must now actually produce something along the lines of a pilot script and series overview.  Which means that, starting tomorrow, I’m going to have to set aside our Crime Club for the time being – or, at the very least, not make it a daily thing.  My thoughts on on Transpecos coming tomorrow.  Or the day after.

Not only do I say Yes to the fried chicken candle, I think they should do a whole food line: pepperoni pizza, barbecued steak, warm chocolat chip cookies!

Amazing people with whom I have worked…

17 thoughts on “August 24, 2020: 2 steps forward; 1 step back! Amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. TWO new sci-fi series? Wow, that is going to be busy. Are those any of the ones that you’ve already mentioned?

    I love that the candle scent says HAND-breaded chicken. I notice it didn’t say it was fried on the label but I would assume that’s implied because otherwise the scent may be quite unexpected. Now I’m wondering if there is an actual difference in the smell between HAND-breaded chicken and… the other kind? Robot-breaded, I guess?

    1. Also, if I’m going to be smelling warm chocolate chip cookies, there better be the payoff of ACTUAL cookies at the end.

      1. I recall that when we were selling our place in Vancouver, our agent suggested baking cookies just before the open house.

  2. Congratulations on your two new deals. I’m sorry to hear one of your projects took a big hit. Which also sounds like you lost a good working relationship as well. Hopefully, as they say when one door closes… well you know the rest. Lol

    Too bad about Crime Club. Completely understand why you need to step back from it. Honestly, when we started I knew in the back of my mind when Joe gets busy or has to go back on set that Crime Club would have to be set aside. At least we had a couple weeks of fun!!

    If Transpecos was our last entry at least it was a good one.Transpecos follows the story of two border patrol agents who get caught up in the Mexican drug cartel’s drug smuggling. One forced to out of necessity when his whole extended family is threatened. One who gets dragged into it when a car smuggling drugs gets stopped by a third agent and forces the first agent to take matters into his own hands.

    The rest of the movie plays out with the two going back and forth about what’s right and wrong. While all the while trying to figure out where to take these drugs.

    The movie is well acted with a few twists. While some of the story had been done before the film does a good job of holding my interest. If you like a good drama give Transpecos a try.


    1. Glad you enjoyed Transpecos. I’m going to weigh in with my thoughts tomorrow, and then announce the selection for our next viewing. Instead of a movie a day, I’m thinking giving it 3 days per movie.

  3. Congrats and commiserations!

    When you “close a deal to develop two new sci-fi shows” is that a paying gig? How does that work? Are you approached to develop the shows on someone’s behalf or do you shop around the ideas and a company picks it up?

    A slower Crime Club viewing rate will mean I might be able to join in more!

    1. Yes, it’s a paying gig. I was contacted about developing a sci-fi series for a production company. I pitched 3 ideas and 2 were chosen. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing a pilot script and series overview for each. Once everyone is happy with what we have, we’ll go out and pitch the shows to various broadcasters and streamers.

      Slower Crime Club viewing it is!

    1. TWO new development projects. Still a ways to go before they’re shows.

  4. Congratulations on the two projects. I’m very happy for you.

    As far as Crime Club, how about one a week?

  5. Congratulations on the two (!) projects taking off. I will look forward to getting hooked on some decent scifi again…
    I’m happy to hear also you’re still doing the Crime Club but at a slower rate. I’ve made a list of your recommendations but haven’t had the proper time to seek out n view. I may be able to start catching up now.

    So happy for you with those projects. Fingers crossed your success continues 😁

  6. The world seems a little bleak right now, so two shows are a ray of sunshine.

    Yes, to the candle but like Gforce, food afterwards would be better. 😉

    A lot of great people you’ve worked with listed. I’m sure they appreciate the love. Sorry about losing this new co-worker.

    Did anyone see “Project Power” on Netflix? I really liked it.

  7. Glad to hear you’ve finally landed some paying gigs and are keeping busy. Sounds like things are looking up a bit there. Congrats.

    Things are still extremely difficult here in Central Florida
    and must confess I’ve fallen into a state of depression.
    My long time colleague and dear friend Bob Greenberg, co founder of our open sharing education project, lost his battle with Covid 19 on August 8th. For 10 years, Bob was the back bone of the project and our online community. He gave so much. so selflessly. to so many. An irreparable hole has been left in my heart.

    Gonna have to pass on the yummy food scented candles. I had a cookie scented candle a while back. Almost every time I lit it I’d end up gobbling down a whole package of chocolate chip cookies, in replace of a healthier nutritious meal. There was also one that reminded me of grape bubblegum that caused me to crave large amounts of grape soda even though I’ve never been much of a pop drinker beyond the rare treat of a vanilla cream soda in younger days.

    Hope everyone in your family is safe and well. How’s Akemi’s garden and bread baking coming along?

    1. Drea, very sorry to hear that Bob passed. It was clear he meant a lot to you. Condolences.

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