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Icarus Base – Stargate: Universe “Air Part 1”


Grizz Salzi, Andy Mikita, Mark Savela, Ryan Purcell, and Shannon Gurney reviewing the action – Stargate: Universe “Air Part 1”


Director Andy Mikita calling the shots on Stargate: Universe – “Air Part 1”.

The Crime Club convenes to discuss Marathon Man.


Aside from the ludicrous road rage incident that opens this movie (That “climactic explosion”?  Oooh), Marathon Man holds up surprisingly well some 44 years after its initial release. Although a little confusing in the early goings it isn’t long before the suspense ramps up in intensity. The home invasion sequence is harrowing, from the uneasy moments when Babe, lying his bathtub, hears a noise in the other room to the terrifying moments of him locked in his bathroom while the intruders attempts to break down the door.  But it’s the iconic “Is it safe?” dentistry scenes that had me squirming.

Hoffman and Olivier are at the top of their game here and their final showdown at film’s end is an unforgettable payoff to Babe and Szell’s protected game of cat and mouse. I winced every time a handful of diamonds hit the floor, scattering and slipping through the grate.

An undeniable classic of the thriller genre.

What did you think?

Tomorrow’s Crime Club selection is something a little more contemporary, the 2017 thriller Berlin Syndrome.

2 thoughts on “August 21, 2020: From the Stargate: Universe vault! The Crime Club convenes to discuss Marathon Man!

  1. I decided to skip Marathon Man as I have lots of other things in my watch queue and can’t add a daily crime thriller to the list. I need to sleep at some point! But I definitely want to check it out in my “classic cinema” horizon broadening.

    Berlin Syndrome looks pretty good, too.

    Damnit Joe! How am I going to get through my Babylon 5 rewatch if I keep watching these movies?

  2. Marathon an is only surpassed by 3 Days of the Condor. Speaking of shows that get cancelled, apparently because HBO doesn’t want to air the popular shows that were on AT&T’s channel they took over to use for HBO Max, Loudermilk, Mr. Mercedes, and, yes, Condr are all cancelled. So is Treadstone, another gd show, but that’s on a different channel. Also Project Blue Book is canceled on a cliffhanger. WTF is wrong with the people in programming at these channels? God shows deserve studio and programming commitments. Eliminating shows after a season or three only guarantees no one gets to feel they can be committed to a show, and no amount of new replacement programming is going to make audiences decide to be MORE loyal–you just breed loyalty out of the total collective available audience for anything. In fact, you train them to be even more fickle than the people in programming who think they have to replace things because they haven’t seen the bump they wanted.

    Oh, and Krypton got cancelled on a cliffhanger now, too>

    Fuck you, SyFy/NBC/Universal!

    Just my feelings on cancellations and good movies and shows.

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