I woke up this morning with a dark sense of foreboding, I assumed, logically, as a result of some unremembered nightmare I’d had the night before.  But, as it turns out, it was prescience.  I turned on my laptop and brought up the overview I’ve been working on – only to discover the work I’d completed over the last couple of days was gone.  Yes, I saved (I always save!).  I have no idea what happened.  After half a morning spent unsuccessfully attempting to locate previous drafts, I gave up and moved on.  It’s disheartening because, following an initial strong start on this project, my progress has ground to a crawl.  The work accomplished over the last two days wasn’t considerable, but it was significant.  Alas, nothing there was nothing to do about it but forge ahead.  I ended up completing another character breakdown (Two down; two to go!) and, even though I’m running behind on my (self-imposed) timetable, I’m hoping I’ll be able to start tackling the pilot episode by top of next week.

Cake Shake?  Yes/No


The Crime Club convenes to discuss 36th Precinct (36 Quai de Orfèvres)


Reminiscent of movies like Serpico and Infernal Affairs, 36th Precinct examines the corruption, code of silence, and internal politics that plague a Parisian police station. Daniel Auteuil (as Léo Vrinks) and Gérard Depardieu ( Denis Klein) are terrific as rival cops determined to bring down a gang of armored car robbers at all costs.

It’s smart and well-paced, but there were a few questionable plot developments that gave me pause.  The first was Denis’s disciplinary hearing hinging on Léo’s statement despite the fact that at least a dozen other cops were present to witness his insubordination.  Presumably, any of them could have corroborated the account.  The second was Léo’s condemnation on the strength of a witness of dubious character.  The third was Léo’s willingness to believe Denis about Camille’s fate.

Those issues aside, I thought this was a crackerjack thriller.

What did you think?

Tomorrow’s #CrimeClub selection is the 1965 black and white classic Bunny Lake is Missing.

12 thoughts on “August 14, 2020: This bodes ill! Cake shake! The Crime Club convenes to discuss 36th Precinct!

  1. So two character breakdowns done, two to go. I am guessing this is super detailed in some aspects and open in others. As in pertaining to what you have in mind you know how this character would feel/react, but as other adventures occur, that have not been thought up yet, is the space for that character to grow and develop. I am i totally missing the mark here?

  2. Sadly for me my own work has followed yours into the great digital void. I spent about twenty minutes writing my Crime Club selection review only to have it lost when the web page froze. I know your loss was more substantial than mine though.

    I did enjoy The 36th Precinct. The much crossed line between wrong and right and the heavy involvement of politics hits very close to home as a lifelong Chicago resident.

    I thought both Daniel Auteuil (as Léo Vrinks) and Gérard Depardieu (Denis Klein) had strong performances. To me this film is a great example of why Hollywood gave Depardieu a chance. Though not one of his Ceasar nominations or wins.

    I do enjoy these foreign films. Plus there is a more likely chance that I have not seen the film yet. Such as the case with 36th Precinct.

    1. I agree! That’s another reason why I’m enjoying the foreign selections. So far, so good (although I remain on the fence about Cache).
      I’m drawing from a list of 300+, many of them international. Should be fun!

  3. You need to use an online backup service. I use Backblaze and i’ve had a very good experience with them.

  4. Joe, Sorry you lost your work…. but I feel sure, knowing nothing about computers, that it has to be in there – somewhere?
    I usually find all my stuff is in ‘recent files’ at least at first.
    After that it goes ‘somewhere else’…. 🙂

  5. Did you check the trash can? Sometimes I find things in that folder that were accidentally deleted. Also, you could invest in a good thumb drive. 😉

    Oh these movies sound awesome! I’ll try and join in today. Maybe, I can catch up in the next few days.

  6. I lost a file (6 months worth of data) mid last year. Very sure I saved it but wasn’t able to retrieve … Computer indicating file corrupted. Had to back track and re-do … Painful!

  7. Have you seen the S. Korean remake of this called “The Beast?” (2019). I love Daniel Auteuil in pretty much anything- & Gerard back in the day was pretty good. More recently I cannot bear to look at. And what ever happened to Valeria Golino?? After you are done w/ foreign crime you should view Badlands. One of the best crime films. One of the best films! Visually stunning. Malick’s films all are- & always reminds me of the Springsteen song. Anyway… just a thought.

    1. Badlands is on the list. As is The Beast. I have over 300 movies lined up and they are randomly selected so hopefully sooner than later!
      Yes, I’m a big fan of Daniel Auteuil – especially since he resembles my old friend and fellow writer-producer Alexander Ruemelin.

  8. Saving to a Dropbox account (I assume you can have those in Canada) would be a backup to your computer save and you would be able to retrieve it even if it is missing off your computer. “Save twice regret never!” Just a thought.

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