Akemi, after some consideration: “”Maybe, if someone doesn’t eat sweet stuff for a while.”

To follow up on some of the comments and questions posted to yesterday’s mailbag…

Carol G writes: “Thanks for the Q & A. One question: Would you be willing to finish DM 4 & 5 m if the financing was there.”

Answer: Absolutely.  If one of you happens to win the powerball lottery and has an extra 60-70 million to spare – AND want seasons 4 and 5 – I’m in!

Jim Schoettler writes: ” Having followed more than one sci-fi series that did not have a proper ending due to cancellation, I am finding the experience a bit frustrating. Certainly, it makes one think twice before investing time in a series. I recognize the renewal of a show is all a matter of dollars and cents but, in that vein, I wonder if giving a show a proper ending would (in addition to rewarding fan loyalty) also make a show more attractive for future licensing to streaming services in the years after cancellation.”

Answer: Hello, Jim and welcome to the Dark Matter extended family.  To answer your question – YES, having a proper ending for the series (instead of a cliffhanger) would definitely make the show more attractive for future licensing.  However, the people doing the cancelling – the broadcasters – don’t own the show and, thus, have no incentive to help out in that respect.  Hell, we didn’t even receive a response to an email inquiring about the possibility of a Dark Matter movie to cap things off for the fans.  Having said that, I firmly believe that broadcasters OWE fans a proper ending.  Broadcasters as viewers to make a commitment to a show.  They do.  Maybe not enough of them when all is said and done, but that’s not the fault of the viewer.  Rather than being punished for their commitment, they should be, if not rewarded, then at the very least offered closure.

Miko writes: “I noticed you are holding out on ‘newer’ SGU stories/scenarios, which I take as a sign of new hope.”

Answer: If (hopefully when) Brad Wright gets the new Stargate series off the ground, all of your questions will be answered.

Fuchsia writes: “Thank you Joe! I would be more than happy to see 25 favourites!!
I have been trying to decide on my own top ten but it is difficult, I agree.”

Answer: I’d love to see your Top 10.

Hadel writes: “I really enjoy your writing and was wondering if you accept nominations. If so, I’d love to have the honor of nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.”

Answer: Ah, you’re too kind.  While I appreciate the sentiment, I’m not a big fan of awards.  As a showrunner, I was always happy to submit members of my cast and crew for nomination, but never had any interest in submitting my own scripts.

This film-themed question saw a ton of action.  What’s your answer?

6 thoughts on “July 22, 2020: How goes quarantine?

  1. Great Q&A’s here, I’ve missed them! I will keep up hope forever for a conclusion to DM and for a go-ahead for TimEscape. The world needs them now more than ever!

    As far as quarantine goes? Fine. Though around here things have pretty much gotten back to a new normal. Not enough people wearing masks though, I think. They’re just a little too comfortable when it isn’t justified yet.

  2. “Answer: Absolutely. If one of you happens to win the powerball lottery and has an extra 60-70 million to spare – AND want seasons 4 and 5 – I’m in!”

    Hahahahahahaha. LOL. I wish!

  3. Quarantine? I am back in my regular bedroom, have been doing too much online shopping, my yard is a mess because it is too hot and depressing to doing anything out there. Afternoon headaches from the AC. My swamp cooler is still off. I pick away at housework, and that’s okay. I rarely go out, but I am in Utah, and they’re just nuts here. Basically, I am alright.

  4. Hey Joe,

    I am a little late to this but I do have one question I would love a detailed answer too. What is in a show bible? A treatment, the pilot script, character and world histories? I have been using my time in NYC lockdown to actually write and develop TV and film ideas. My goal is to have some nice writing samples submit to agents by early 2021. But I have no idea what I would need to fill out a show bible. I know you have created a few, so your insight would be great.

    Thanks for your time,

    Shawn Parrish
    @shawnus on twitter
    @darthfacetious on Instagram

  5. Hi Joe,
    I was always wondering, sine DM’s cancellation what an episode cost, with actors and crew wages, sets, props, post production … in case we could have a whip round / pledge drive / charity event etc. to get DM 4 going and sold to an appreciative broadcaster!

    60-70 million for 2 series … erm quite a lot. $3 mill an episode? WOW.


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