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Tonight’s movie-themed question…

15 thoughts on “July 14, 2020: Death fish, Movie-themed questions, and Amazing people with whom I have worked!

  1. Oh Joe, you have got to try that fish!!! Pleeeeeeeese!!!!!
    Get some! Give it a whirl. You’re brave!

  2. Avengers: Endgame
    Avengers: Infinity War
    Captain Marvel
    X-Men: Days of Future Past(Rogue Cut)
    Many others tied for 5th

  3. Yeah, no. I’m a swede and I’ve no wish to eat surströmming, nor be around while opening a can of the stuff.

  4. Hmmm… that’s hard:
    The 1978 Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, (I know old school, but it seemed a real risk to do a super hero movie at the time.)
    Logan – (Because I think super heroes should die.)
    Guardians of the the Galaxy – (loved the sound track)
    Thor: Ragnarok
    Wonder Woman

  5. Or Joe, you could take it to the dog park when you walk Suji. Dogs LOVE stinky things!

    (I wonder if Suji would want a bite???)

  6. Suji is as adorable as ever. Glad to see Akemi’s balcony garden is coming along.
    I think I’m gonna have to pass on the Surströmming but thanks for the belly button stealer giggle the other day. It has definitely been a difficult week here so I really needed it.

    I received a call last Thursday notifying me my dear friend and longtime colleague, Bob Greenberg, Co-founder of the NS101 open access education community project and active ed team member 2009-2019, is now in the hospital battling Covid 19. At the moment he is in serious but stable condition. Although he and his wife, Barbara, have consistently masked up outside their home, apparently not enough people are masking up, using hand sanitizer and taking this health threat seriously. He did not have any pre existing conditions other than being over 60, not having the greatest immune system and being prone to easily catching colds and flu. Barbara isnt sure where Bob contracted it, but suspects it was likely at a local store or ATM because neither have ventured out of their home much for anything other than essentials since community spread began in the Denver and Boulder suburban areas. All anyone can do now is pray he recovers without too much long term damage.

    Meanwhile I am dealing with an equally horrible problem here in the hardest hit zip code in Orange County Florida where virus cases and hospitalizations are rising daily. Too many businesses here in south east Orlando are not consistently enforcing the mask mandate so it has become a terrifying experience just going to the corner store for orange juice even in a homemade double mask lined with an FPR 10 air allergen and virus filter. 132 people died across Florida from the virus yesterday and another 112 died today.
    Some were people I personally knew in the community. Good, hardworking, law abiding, people who did not deserve this.

    Albeit, my savings are just about to run out. I’ve now sold everything I possibly can, including my prized, custom, dance skates, I was originally hoping to pass down to an aspiring worthy dancer, I discover somewhere along the way, who might not be able to afford as much on their own. Cancelled any and all monthly subscription services I hadn’t already paid a non refundable full year for. Budgeted things out to get by on less than $200 in groceries and household items per month. I’ve applied for every state, local and fed financial assistance program I could find without much luck and I have been doing whatever remote freelance/piece work i can get my hands on. There isnt much right now because so many are competing for the same few remote work type jobs across U.S. I’ve gone from being a basic minimalist to someone who can probably fit all their belongings into <4 boxes. I do have some friends and local charities trying to help out but there just isnt enough to go around for everyone who needs assistance right now. So I am now left with only two horrible choices. I will either have to play russian roullete with my health and life on the line via going back to work next month just to keep a dry roof over my head. Or I can play russian roulette via becoming a homeless person. I am a smart woman but this is an extremely scary, unprecidented, situation so right now I am at a loss for how to proceed. FPR 10 allergen air flters arent washable, and are a bit pricey when on a tightened budget so I dont always have access to make slightly better protective masks. What is even more unfortunate is the large number of higher risk people in the greater orlando area who are in the same boat after having exhausted what little they had in rainy day savings. I guess I should be grateful that at least I had one year saved up to get me this far, even though six months of it was already spent on previous medical expenses prior to beginning of the virus spreading in Central Florida. I am also grateful that at least i do still have a roof over my head. Many people have been telling me they didnt even have enough savings tucked away to get by for 8-12 wks!

    I really don’t understand why so few if any complained it was unconstitutional when they banned indoor smoking across U.S to protect non smokers health. Few if any complained when stores began requiring shirts and shoes for entry. Albeit asked to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer to save the life of the thousands like Bob and myself … suddenly Anti Maskers scream it tramples on their civil rights and they don’t believe it will protect anyone even though there is plenty of evidence to prove that is does reduce the rate of virus spread.

    Sorry for the long vent. I am just so angry, terrified and frustrated right now and even more scared for the students and educators who are being forced to return to in person classes next month even in Miami & Orlando where there is no doubt it is not safe.

    1. Hi Drea,

      Incredibly sorry to hear this, Drea. Wishing Bob a speedy and full recovery. And really hoping things turn around for you – and the US as a whole.

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