Time to break out the summer wardrobe!


She looks like she’s either going to go horseback riding, or solve a crime.


When she knows you have treats and you’re holding out on her.


When you see the tongue, you know she’s relaxed.


And this blast from the past = Suji, back in her wheelchair days.  She’s come a long way!

4 thoughts on “June 7, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. What a transformation Suji has made thanks to her wonderful family. Suji is inspiring me to shop for summer togs, I’ve been focused on shopping for groceries and hand sani for so long. I’d love to try the mismatched booties myself when we go back to work. Actually I hope to work 1 day in the office and work at home the rest. Does anyone have new sci fi films/movies to recommend? I binged Utopia Falls, Space Force, Picard, Into the Night, and then rewatched 4400, Colony, Alias.

  2. Off today’s topic:

    I recall commenting here, after reading READY PLAYER ONE (Ernest Cline), that I was annoyed by the multiple “product placements” in the text.

    Well, I watched the third act of the film last night, coming in just before the big anime-style battle. “Pleasantly surprised” is an understatement. I enjoyed the action and characters and didn’t take notice of product placement (one mention of a US Postal Service van) until several hours later.

    Your mileage may vary.

  3. Suji is an oasis of calm in a crazy world! I’m thrilled she found such great fur parents. 🙂

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