Wow.  Akemi is positively flourishing over the course of this lockdown.  First, she’s expanding her baking prowess into focaccia…


Heavy basil.


And crispy bacon bits with sautéed onions.

Meanwhile, her garden continues to grow…with an assist from Suji of course…


As for me, I’m eating a lot of chocolate, reading graphic novels, and trying to figure out the stock market.  I’m operating under the assumption that they make it intentionally convoluted so as to discourage people from actually trading themselves (when entrusting your entire future to an investment advisor who is only right maybe half the time is so much easier).

Oh, hey, who’s up for a little Dark Matter reunion?  The gang at HomeCon are hosting a Dark Matter panel this weekend.


Come join us!

More amazing people with whom I have worked…


4 thoughts on “May 11, 2020: A Dark Matter reunion!

  1. Wait a minute.

    Exactly how is Suji “assisting” with Akemi’s garden?

    “Fertilizing”? “Watering”?

  2. There will be many domestic gods and goddesses created after the covid19 crisis is over. Akemi is sure very productive!

    As for the stock market … ya, it’s very confusing. I’m just investing long term (years) in a few good companies, and trying not to worry about the ups and downs along the way; and try to have a diversified portfolio.

    Will definitely tune in HomeCon … unless work too busy.

  3. My hubby plays with Fidelity. He can manage his own portfolio or ask for advice from an “expert”. We had funds in John Hancock and they screwed us over. Our settlement from a class action lawsuit didn’t make up for that one. So, hubby thought he couldn’t do any worse than J. H.. Fidelity has been a good experience. We can move funds around online and access our tax documents (which was difficult with J.H.).

    I’m glad Akemi is being so productive. She’s an inspiration.

    I’m sorry you’re going through so much Maggiemayday. Sending good thoughts/prayers that you’re house will be cleaned up and you’ll be feeling better soon!!!!!!

  4. Cravings

    Wish your mom hadn’t elected to do a mushroom recipe demonstration in her last video.
    Now I’m craving a nice big grilled portobello burger which unfortunately is not yet in season.

    Has Akemi considered whether she’d like to try growing cauliflower beginning around September?
    How ’bout artichoke? I love artichoke in salads. Also stuffed and drizzled in butter as an appetizer or side dish. I’ve never tried to grow my own before.
    Albeit, i remember a neighbor, about 20 yrs ago, in Colorado, that did.

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