The little lady and I picking up groceries yesterday.


Ear-flappingly windy.


So NOT impressed.


Getting a good stretch in.


No, Mr. Bond.  I expect you to die.

Sourdough baking with Suji…

Finally, Happy Mother’s Day!

My sis put together the following for our mom –

8 thoughts on “May 10, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Chilly May … I heard there may be a bit of that white stuff tomorrow as well.

  2. Hi Joe
    I caught two videos of you with Yael (sp?) today. Very nice! And the one you did with Suanne Braun. Seeing you more now than when we weren’t under lock down.


  3. I loved Andria’s video tribute for mom, excellent!, Thanks Akemi for the sourdough bread video, I have learned much, and I love the end pieces also, lots of butter!
    Joe where is your hat for outside?!? Suji looks so cute. thanks

  4. That bread looks amazing! Akemi might be ready for the The Great British Baking Show.

  5. Yep. Definitely the perfect weather to go grocery shop.

    Loved Akemi & Suji’s bread berkley video
    and Andria’s beautiful slide show tribute.

    Happy Mothers Day to Mama Mallozzi,
    Pug mom Akemi,
    And @Tam @PBMom and all the moms everywhere!

    Warm gentle hug and liberal rum.
    Hope your hip and home
    begin to feel better soon.

  6. Thanks Drea! I hope your Mother’s Day was good, as well.

    My hubby/son worked all weekend and that left me to do as I pleased. I took a long walk, ate a big lunch (courtesy of son) and read a couple of books. Nothing up to Mr. M.’s standards but some good junk food fiction. I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was as good or better!

    I’m missing my own Mom. Our state is easing up and I think I might run down and see her in a week or so. I sent her Law & Order on DVD for a present. I’m hoping she’ll watch that instead of the constant death ticker on the news. She’s very stressed out from my brothers arguing with each other and the news coverage. I may try and talk her into visiting but I doubt she’ll go for that. Planting season is starting and she’ll want to work on that. I hope I’m that active at 85.

    Maggiemayday: Have things dried out for you? The only good thing about a flood, is that your house will be spotless after the clean up. I wished I lived closer to help out.

  7. Aww, Suji is a shining star!

    Drea and tamdixon, thank you. I am living in the guest room in the basement. At least it is cleaner and tidied now, as we all know what “guest room” actually means. There are fans and dehumidifiers and plastic sheeting with zippers. They tried to seal in my elderly cat (and his litter box), he just laid in the corner and watched them work! The family room is doing well. The bedroom, not so much, the plaster walls and ceiling are slow to dry. They want me to sign a release, but I am not ready for that. I pad my deductible, but did get a check for the few lost items. My friends have been great about helping. I am also thinning my heaps of stuff, some of it really nice stuff.

    The hip is awful, turns out a fall can bring on bursitis. Prednisone and an anti-inflammatory gel for nine days. We shall see. I am frustrated because I want to do more, but am watching TV and playing Merge Dragons…

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