Well, forgotten by me until this morning when I recalled –

That halfway through Dark Matter’s second season, I was asked to come up with an idea for a potential spinoff.  And although it, sadly, didn’t get past that initial pitch stage, at the time I’d imagined a scenario where we would start prep as season 2 was winding down, then roll right into production on the spinoff right after Dark Matter wrapped.

Alas, it was not to be, but for a while there, I was very excited at the prospect of working on two productions in the same franchise – sort of like the old days of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

Anyway, this was the preliminary pitch…

How do you track and take down the most infamous mercenaries in the galaxy?

By hiring a team of even more infamous mercenaries for the job.


After the crew of the Raza heist the Blink Drive, key to victory in a long-disputed interplanetary war, Emperor Ryo Ishida assembles a crew of the galaxy’s toughest mercs to get it back – and exact a little revenge.


Led by the fearsome, sword-wielding Misaki Han, Commander of the Ishida Royal Guard, the new team is made up of some familiar faces, fugitives from a parallel reality:


Portia Lin – TWO’s deadly alter-ego.


Marcus Boone – THREE’s renegade counterpart.


Wexler – The smarmy, freewheeling opportunist.


Tash – A kick-ass pirate, pilot, and brutal persuader.

Havelock – The youngest member of the crew but the most dangerous, his mind and body a mix of bio-mass and cyber-tech.


Over the course of Dark Matter’s second season, this team of darkside bounty hunters will pursue the Raza and, eventually catching up with our anti-heroes in the second season finale.  They’ll succeed in taking the Blink Drive and uplinking it to their own ship.  But, in the ensuing clash, their drive is damaged and an attempt to use it results in disastrous consequences.


The Blink Drive punches a hole through spacetime, and the crew is transported to an alternate universe where Earth and its colonies have been enslaved by a race of militaristic aliens.

Two young rebels cross paths with our crew, hitching a ride and guiding them, despite their initial reluctance, on a road to redemption.

Now, humanity’s last hope rests with a team of deadly mercenaries.

They’re fierce, destructive and completely ruthless.

Exactly what humanity needs.

A reminder that we have not one but TWO Dark Matter rewatches this week!
Thursday, we’ll be joined by Melanie Liburd and Melissa O’Neil for a rewatch of Episode 206, We Should Have Seen This Coming.
And Friday, Melissa O’Neil and director Ron Murphy will be on hand for a rewatch of Episode 301, Being Better Is So Much Harder OR Episode 213, But First We Save The Galaxy.

8 thoughts on “The Forgotten Dark Matter Spinoff!

  1. Sounds great! Can we punch a Hole now I. Our spacetime and get to a universe where Dark Matter got its five seasons and this new show is in production? I’m getting rather tired of this reality, anyway.

  2. Thanks for the tease. Would have been awesome if it was materialized!

    Slipped on stupid black ice (covered by snow) today ==> sore butt, bleeding knee and torn pants. LOL.

  3. A spin off would have been cool. Interesting idea….

    How’s writing going on Timescape?

    Today’s weather here is excellent! I spent the day clearing out debris and planting flowers. While I was out, I saw my 89 year old neighbor carrying a toilet to the curb. Thankfully, I caught her and (took over) before it fell on her. She’s so tiny, a little over 5 ft and 89lbs.. I want to be her when I grow up. She’s a world traveler and a retired nurse.

    Our neighborhood is full of debris waiting for the garbage pick up. Lots of people cleaning out their attic/garages.

    Sending [[[hugs]]] Ponytail. I can’t imagine…

    Hope you’re ok Nantokanauru77!

  4. Thanks JOHN and TAMDIXON. I’m still able to walk.
    A couple of folks saw me did try to help though … I could tell they were trying very hard not to laugh.

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