And the winner of the Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament is…


All the Time in the World!


So it’s only appropriate that All the Time in the World (Season 3, Episode 4) will be kicking off our Dark Matter fan re-watch next Wednesday, April 1st (3:00 p.m. ET.  Check your local time.)  when we’ll be joined by Anthony Lemke for a live viewing and post-screening Q&A.

Thursday, April 2nd (3:00 p.m. ET.  Check your local time.), we’ll be joined by Jodelle Ferland for a live viewing of It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This (Season 3, Episode 2) and post-screening Q&A.

Friday, April 3rd (3:00 p.m. ET.  Check your local time.), we’ll be joined by Alex Mallari Jr. for a live viewing of Hot Chocolate (Season 3, Episode 8) and post-screening Q&A.



Monday, April 6th at 3pm ET/noon PT/7 pm GMT (check your local times!) we’ll be joined by actress Zoie Palmer (Android) for a rewatch of Season 2, Episode 5: We Voted Not To Space You.

Who’s ready for that rewatch?

Your daily news update:

Absolutely phenomenal interview with one of South Korea’s leading experts on Covid-19 –

The potential link between the coronavirus and diabetes.

Heavy dose vitamin C therapy used to treat patients.

Pandemic could inflict widespread PTSD.

The virus has spawned a global press crackdown.

Why would you embark on a cruise in early March?

Canadians more confident in their government than Americans and Brits.

The U.S. response to the coronavirus has critically undermined its superpower status.

Millions of Americans are about to lose their healthcare in a pandemic.

Ireland goes into lockdown.

Civil unrest in China.

 Airbnb hosts are feeling the pinch.

On top of all this, we may have a condo shortage.



7 thoughts on “Crowning a champion in our Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament! And yet another BIG Dark Matter announcement!

  1. My response to that Godzilla joke is: ” Yeah but at least with the flu we keep society going and people have their jobs, but with Godzilla we have locked down society and now the deaths from depression, societal breakdown, suicide and poverty will be much worse than what Godzilla did to us !! ”

    If anyone wants some good evidence based perspective on this scenario, check this out :

    1. Also this short interview here is REALLY excellent, and makes the point of why we need to take measures like social distancing and try and slow this pandemic down. Not necessarily because of more deaths, but that those deaths will be compacted into a very short time.

      1. Yes, this is key. And culture plays a big role in the success of approaches like these.

  2. Brilliant announcements Joe…….I really hope Wednesday’s watch won’t be an April Fool’s Day joke.
    In fact, under current circumstances, maybe April Fools should be cancelled this year.

  3. I’ve had PTSD and yes, I’ve seen several people showing symptoms, already. This virus has certainly weeded out my friends list on social media sites. I can’t handle their hysteria. “Social Distancing” is my bailiwick. Except for karate class and swimming, my life is very much the same.

    The ones I feel bad for are the businesses that are closing. This stimulus package is limited and a few businesses will never recover. I didn’t think about pediatricians/doctors but they are losing most of their daily visits. Some of them have lost 60% of their daily revenue and online visits won’t make up for that. They still have to pay their malpractice insurance and rent/payroll. It’s devastating.

    My son’s company cut several positions and cut his pay. He’ll survive but this is a body blow to many others.

    As for the Kennedy Center money, both sides passed this. So, if fingers are pointed, point at BOTH sides. You know, they tried to put solar energy into the corona virus stimulus package too. Crap like this is why I vote Independent. Whenever you see a bill not passed, look at what’s in it before you criticize. “Things I’ve learned”

    Deep breathes. Anyway, I find finger pointing a wasted effort. Hindsight is 20-20. Let’s move forward and pray they come up with an effective vaccine/reliable tests. Although, as you know, a large section of the population would refuse the vaccine. Look how many refuse the flu vaccine! Personally, I’ve taken the flu vaccine, yearly, since 1998 and maybe it’s luck but I haven’t caught the flu since then.

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