Majority of serial killers are Taurus, study claims

I am not in the least surprised.

“Is your friend a Taurus? Does he or she obsess over murder and watch way too much “CSI”?

There’s a good reason to be wary now.”

And yet it’s always the same.  Whenever police catch a serial killer, the neighbors always profess their shock.  “He was such a quiet guy.”  “He alway kept to himself.”  “I never would have suspected.”  Come on!  I have a friend who, while not a Taurus, is a huge true crime junkie.  He devours everything from documentaries to podcasts to reruns of The First 48.  Now if HE was ever arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer and the news van rolled up to my place, I’d be all like: “Serial killer you say?  Oh, yeah.  I’m not surprised at all.”

Any oddball neighbors, friends, or family members you’re worried about?

Well, four more days until I head to Montreal to dogsit.  My sister will be away for 13 days but, realistically, given everything I have going on, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to go away for almost two weeks.  I’m up for two upcoming projects – one which may require a trip to L.A., another which is pretty atypical of my past work (although, to be fair, there’s nothing I will ever do that will be more atypical than my last production).  I’m going to need to implement notes on two pitch presentations (Supernatural meets This Is Us, and my team-up with Ed the Sock).  Meanwhile, my other three projects (TimEscape, that superhero show, and the sci-fi series) continue apace.  Specifically, at a snail’s apace.  I have five other projects that presently vary from “poised” to “on life support”, so let’s not spare them a second thought.


9 thoughts on “February 8, 2020: Serial killer, you say?

  1. If you won’t be able to be away for almost to weeks, is someone stepping in to finish up the dog sitting?

    Any news on the horror novel adaptation? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it recently, which I suppose isn’t a good sign.

  2. Happy travels, good wishes for the work front, and stay away from anyone who coughs or sneezes. You don’t need a cold, the flu, or some alien plague unless you’re doing first person research for a new project. (I’m assuming you saw that the whistleblower doctor who broke the ranks and reported the coronavirus in China has died from it.)

  3. I laughed so hard reading the first part of this to my husband because it’s so true. My sister and I are both Taurus and are all about the crime things whether true crimes or fictional – tv shows, movies, books…no podcasts because I’m just not a podcast kind of person no matter how hard I try…but I must say, we’re far from being killers lol

  4. Safe trip to Andria’s. Suggestion: Stop and pick up a sleep mask and ear plugs before you head to the airport so you don’t suffer the same difficulties sleeping in her house as your last visit.

    By the way: In my ideal alternate universe all the CSI and First 48 watching (a.k.a wannabe serial killers) would be long extinct. The new species that evolved in their stead are futuristic, time and dimension traveling, hi tech, sci fi, story lovers. This, of course, naturally results in all major television studios opting to air an abundance of fun, high quality, science fiction series. Including, but not limited to, a seemingly never ending parade of new, in cannon, Stargate, Star Trek and Sliders, episodes to watch and enjoy 24/7. Oh and …
    There is a simple effective pill scientists have invented so i can eat all the Chocolate, orange & hazelnut cake. Toasted Almond pie. Pistachio anything n everything. Chocolate with cherry gelato. Orange n vanilla creamsicles. Toasted Almond ice cream bars. Tiramisu. Fried pork dumplings. Cheese & veggie Stromboli. Fried mozzerella sticks. Mustard n butter Wings. Hot pastrami on rye. Bacon everything n anything. A5 Wagyu ribeye steaks. Falafel balls. and Sesame seed bagels with cream cheese n lox I could possibly ever crave and never gain weight. Suffer any tummy aches. Or, come to think of it, any other negative health consequences.

    Speaking of beef … Hey Joe? Have you ever tried A5 Olive Wagyu?

  5. I’m a Taurus and I do Luv the serial killer/crime shows. Also I Luv animals waaaay more than humans. What do you think? 👀

  6. Actually, my neighbors are more worried about me. Might have something to do with the fact that I wrote a novel called ‘A Guy, Two Girls and a Serial Killer.’

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