Scientists are searching for a mirror universe.  It could be sitting right in front of you.

What’s this?  On the heels of our discussion about seeking out a new timeline comes this article from NBC News on the search for a mirror universe!  Coincidence?  Maaaaybe.  OR – maybe not!  Is this a sign?  Some echo from that mirror universe?  Are element from another AU bleeding into our reality?

I, of course, don’t need to point out that the more historically distant and/or deeper the changes to your timeline, the further the parallel universe and the more difficult to access it.  Shifting an alternate reality where Dark Matter wasn’t cancelled would be a lot harder to get to than, say, one where you just had Chicken Kiev for lunch today.  Sliding into AU’s with more promising future elements, on the other hand, is a much easier task.

And so, I’m shifting over to an AU where my new series, TimEscape, is going to get the green light, Stargate will be making a return to the small screen, and Dark Matter will receive the go-ahead for a concluding mini-series.  Who’s coming with me?!

And what AU’s are YOU looking to slide into?

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10 thoughts on “February 7, 2020: Sliding on over…

  1. I miss Don S. Davis! Having never met him, I can only guess, but I suspect we would’ve had a good rapport…

    On the Bererenstein/Berenstain Bears, I had neither. When I was a similar age I had Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and Sunday evenings with the Wonderful World of Disney and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (Perkins: “I’m going to tell you about insurance while Jim wrestles an alligator…”). Later is was Scooby Doo, Speed Racer, and Ultraman. Even as a young kid I found Sesame Street and The Electric Company to be too boring to watch; I’d rather be outside exploring the woods near my house…

  2. On the AUs that I’d like to slide into, how about the one where I have an estate near the water somewhere around Savannah, where i can crab all day during crab season? There might be a few other things I’d add, but that’s a good start! 😉

  3. Earth 5556. They have this nice planet where the skies are burned orange, with citadel shining underneath the twins sun, inside a mighty glass dome.Beyond which, the mountains go forever…slopes of deep red grass, capped with snow. And the leafs on the trees are silver…..sighs I miss that place, even thought I’ve never actually been there….

  4. I am SO glad you mentioned Don S. Davis. I heard that he was a really nice fellow and quite deservedly an ‘Amazing People’

  5. In my AU there is at least another season of SGU and another SGA season, or at least the follow up movie for SGA. Maybe another SG1 season though as much as I enjoyed SG1 it ended on a very good note and the follow up movies wrapped up a lot of story lines.

    Baring that in another AU I’m able to stop procrastinating with writing my Stargate fan fic about the Destiny expedition actually having a slightly usable supply line from Icarus. Or maybe I just need to stop procrastinating in this universe.

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