Took a HUGE schnitz today at Country Style Hungarian Restaurant.  As did my friend Robbie.  Akemi opted for the cabbage roll.  It has been a while.  In fact, now that I think on it, I believe the last time I had schnitzel was at The Black Forest Inn in Hamilton during Dark Matter’s third season.  It made me long for the days of Vancouver’s dearly-departed Budapest restaurant.  Although I wonder how our North American versions compare to the Viennese originals.  I recall an Austrian acquaintance once assuring me that his home country’s schnitzels were superior because they were not only delicious but also – and I quote: “as big as a toilet seat!”.  THAT is pretty big.  I wonder if their Vienna sausages are as long as a toilet brush?  Or their knodels as large as elephant testicles?

So, what’s the best thing YOU’VE eaten recently?  And how big was it?

Looking to target the week of March 23rd for my L.A. trip.  Provided, of course, this whole pandemic thing fizzles out.  I’ve seen a fair amount of alarming information concerning the coronavirus, but it’s usually relegated to more obscure corners of the internet.  Thankfully, the major media has taken a more, dare I say, dismissive approach, pointing out that the common flu is actually worse than this virus.  This is very comforting.  Provided, of course, you ignore the fact that the coronavirus is actually far more contagious than the flu and the mortality rate significantly higher.  I wish the media had been able to point this out to China BEFORE they went through the trouble of building all those new hospitals and quarantining a city of 11 million people.

Still finishing up work on a few of these development projects, so I unfortunately had time to watch anything, but after hearing my friend Ivon’s glowing recommendation, I’ve added Chernobyl to the list of shows I’ll probably never get around to watching.

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8 thoughts on “February 6, 2020: The Evening Edition!

  1. Thanks for the laugh! I needed it.

    I can’t think of having eaten anything fantastic lately and size certainly wasn’t a factor. However, if you really want good, authentic schnitzel, go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Don’t tell my Austrian grandma, but Milwaukee rivals her authentic recipes brought over from “the old country.” My mouth is watering just remembering some of the meals I have eaten there. In fact, my family used to drive up from Chicago several times a year just to eat in one particular restaurant. So good!

    As for the coronavirus, I would think twice about flying. I don’t get my Intel from the media. I have a medical background and get my information from official CDC and WHO memos. Because air is recirculated on a plane, that is a concern. So are airports. I would still travel, but only if I could drive my own vehicle. There are documented cases of person to person transmission in the U. S. And the flu is rampant here. Many schools are taking four-day weekends to allow kids and teachers to recover and hopefully limit the spread. I know, I’m just a bundle of joy!

  2. Well, I had a donut yesterday that was pretty good. Locally made. Though it was really only normal donut sized, and not like a super giant donut or anything.

    If I was going to LA, the coronavirus would be well down my list of possible dangers.

  3. I just got back from lunch at Baby Pizza ( and it was pretty decent pizza. Up there with the best Neapolitan pizza I’ve had anywhere in Melbourne. Expensive, though. Those pizzas you have in Tokyo are on my bucket list.

    As far as schnitzels go . . . there’s an Austrian restaurant in the centre of Melbourne that does a good, authentic, veal one. But here in Australia the chicken schnitzel rules supreme. Every pub will do a chicken schnitzel to varying degrees of edibleness. And the chicken parmigiana (chicken parmesan in North America) is Australia’s de facto national dish.

  4. Red Robin makes a monster pigout double cheeseburger that is pretty huge and good. I made a massive Quesada today from a quality burrito shell, earlier smoked some chicken fillet with applewood then when after a rest cut up a lb added fajita seasoning and queso mexican cheese.
    Served with salsa and sour creme it was a hit. Learned a few things in my time at Clear Lake Texas.
    When not studying to get inside the gate at JSC.

    Chernobyl is okay best version so far, still anti nuclear power, which to me comes off as anti tech, and well we need all the energy we can get if we plan to not go extinct. The recent update to Lost in space was more interesting.
    Recently finished showing my son all seasons of stargate. His favorite was SG1 as is mine.
    #wewantstargate needs to keep on growing.

    As to the looming pandemic, I’m not worried about the western hemisphere yet. I still figure cancer causing nano materials will be the next big threat stemming from a factory accident in India or China.
    Short of that buying a couple UV lights may not be a bad idea. 200-400nm UVC

  5. Since I have had two eye surgeries last month, and am effectively demi-blind, I have been eating at home. Nothing exciting. Friends did take me out for my birthday, and I had some tasty “pig and fig” bruschetta.

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