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Hmmmmm.  A little hiccup in our plans to adopt a special needs senior pug. Apparently, little Lexxie can get a little snappy if other dogs trespass on her blanket.  The news has caused Akemi some concern as Suji, our own special needs senior, is a bit of an alpha herself.  A big part of adopting another dog is to give Suji company – and if this second dog can’t get along with Suji, that’s a problem. On the other hand, an equally big part of adopting a dog is to give some needy dog a great home in which to live out their twilight years.  The rescue believes Lexxie may simply be suffering from kennel fatigue as she tends to demonstrate her snappy behavior after returning to the kennel after her weekend home stays with a volunteer.  She is, simply, upset – and, frankly, looking a little depressed. My take is that, regardless of who starts what, Suji and Lexxie will ultimately find a way to work things out – as most dogs do.  Given the fact that they’re both senior pugs – and Lexxie isn’t exactly mobile given her hip issues – I think it’s unlikely they get into any extended skirmishes or cause each other injuries.  But I need Akemi to be comfortable with this decision and if I’m going to go down to pick up Lexxie, I really need to book a flight for next week.  Thoughts?

14 thoughts on “January 21, 2020: There’s a tweetstorm on the horizon! The Lexxie update!

  1. I foster cats for a rescue, so more experience with cats than dogs. To me, the important fact is that she shows this behavior when she gets back to the kennel after being out in a home for weekend. I also would guess that she is depressed at being back in the kennel. I would ask if she has shown this snappy behavior while out in the weekend foster homes.

    I would agree with you that the girls aren’t likely to get into big skirmishes and that they will find a way to get along with each other. If Lexxie is protective of her blanket, make sure that Suji has her own favorite blanket to protect.

    Good luck, whatever the final decisioni.

  2. I have only owned one cat, a long time ago, but I do have a couple of ignorant, rhetorical questions.
    Is it she only possessive of the blanket? I imagine Suji would figure out to stay away from the blanket.
    Not having read your blog before Suji and Lulu (RIP) were pals, how did Suji get along with any other canine members of the household?
    All the best

  3. If you have one or more alpha dogs, there will probably be squabbles. Lucy (our alpha) has a few behaviors we have to watch around our other rescue, Lancer. She’ll get jealous of the attention he gets so if we see her getting her hackles up, we’ll try to head that off at the pass and give her some attention too. The only other time she squabbles with him is when he grabs one of her treats, and then it’s mostly her setting boundaries.

    Having said all of that, if the trigger for her behavior is known (the possessiveness of her blanket), maybe it can be avoided by keeping Suji away from Lexxie’s blanket? Or does Suji lay claim to anything she wants in the house?

  4. You and Akemi are the pug experts. Go with your gut. Or pick another adoptee. Maybe those brothers… Lao and Dao…

  5. You have a lot of experience to draw on. Trust in that. I also applaud Akemi’s compassion. She has such a sweet & loving nature. I think Suji & Lexxie will settle in together quite well with your well-balanced care. Go ahead & get that ticket booked, Joe.

  6. It would be helpful to you to receive bit more information regarding how she behaves around other dogs in general. But, my instinct says it will work itself out. She’s undoubtedly stressed out and with a routine will eventually settle in alright but without knowing her past history and current behavior with other dogs, nothing is 100% certain. I think you should give her a chance. She’s not in a home situation where she’s not under all the stress. I would probably be snappy too!

  7. I think the biggest marker is it happens when she’s back in kennels. I’m guessing there’s always going to be a little bit of sizing each other up at the start. As you say too.. they’re both seniors and with the love and attention they’ll both get Suji and Lexxie will soon work out a peaceful life together..

  8. I’d give it a go. Neither of the girls are that mobile, so I believe both of you can adjust. The transition might be a little rough but the girls will find a way.

  9. Akemi will need to become the alpha dog pack leader. I think the girls will just be happy to be there. What dog wouldn’t? Give Lexxie a chance.

  10. Some things to consider in making this decision:

    Over the last few months you have been extremely careful in your search for a new family member.
    Emphasis has been on the new addition not having alpha tendencies but not being too much of a beta and wanting a family member everyone can love and get along with.
    So why settle for
    “…regardless of who starts what, Suji and Lexxie will ultimately find a way to work things out – as most dogs do. Given the fact that they’re both senior pugs – and Lexxie isn’t exactly mobile given her hip issues – I think it’s unlikely they get into any extended skirmishes or cause each other injuries”, now????
    Over the last decade or so I’ve encountered a few hundred folks, on and offline, who are living with or have lived with pugs. Of those, 61 percent who’ve had female pugs have commented at one point or another about their bossy attitude or outright alpha nature with other dogs. Quite especially other females.
    While female pugs being predisposed to having a possessive and alpha nature is certinly not the case with all pugs, it does run high in cases of “individual (non bonded) females. Remember my all time favorite gal Jelly’s nature? I could not have possibly loved her more even had she been my own. Albeit, that gal definitely had a couple sassy tendencies. Maximus was so wonderful he loved her just the same.

    The opposite often does seem to prove true in brother & sister bonded pairs. See the example I shared under Jan 19th post. They stick together and dont feel need to bully other pugs but do tend to get along well when other dogs are in the home.—bonded-pair

    Getting a brother and sister bonded pair also resolves the issue of it being Akemi who initiated the search for a new family member and her wanting a boy while you have been desiring another daddy’s girl.

    Remember how incredibly sweet Suji was with Bubba? From everything I’ve personally witnessed or heard from others over the years, individual female pugs respond better with the opposite pug sex.

    Personally speaking, I’d go with Lao & Dao, considering you have already put in the fees and did a home interview. I doubt Akemi, you or Suji would regret it for a second. It’d be a really great decision. It’d Smooth things over with Akemi. And bring some much needed joy and affection back into your home.
    Simply do a search for “Brother and Sister bonded senior pug pairs”.
    I’ve noticed there are many across the U.S and that it is much harder and takes much longer to find bonded pairs the right home.
    Thus simply, via taking them into your home, you’d be making a huge difference!

  11. I would probably be more concerned if the resource guarding involved food. Has Lexxie lived in a multi-dog family before? In my experience, the dog who already lives in the house usually has the upper hand, er, paw–unless the newcomer is extremely alpha. The blanket is probably the only anchor Lexxie has in her presently confusing situation and therefore has taken on heightened significance for her. Fingers crossed that once she arrives in your loving household, she will soon relax and learn how she fits into the pack. Best of luck!

  12. You asked Akemi 4 months ago to be a bit more patient. That the right new family member for “all of you” would come along. Time to take your own excellent advice.

    Also, Pugs are affectionate cuties and many can make an individual human instantly fall in love with them. Albeit, the choice you make about who to bring into your home and family will significantly impact the over all mental well being of these emotional, highly intelligent, living beings for years to come.

  13. Can I add one more thing? If dog’s lives equal 5-7 years for every 1 human year, (a little less for larger dogs vs more time for smaller dogs), I figured out one time, that my beagle ages 1 year every 2 months.

    Time is precious. Just do it.

  14. After reading the comments, I’m starting to second guess myself. Maybe the new pug should be a male. Female to female isn’t always best fit. But I know you will make the right decision as you are very experienced with pugs.

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