We have begun our quest to find Suji a new friend.  Or, if not a friend, then another pug she can snuggle up with when Akemi and I go out shopping.  Or, if not a another pug she can snuggle up with when Akemi and I go out shopping, then another pug to boss around.  In short, Suji seems lonely and it would be nice for her to have some company.

We’re looking to adopt another senior – special needs is fine – and have started our search.

Potential candidates so far…



Ah, Lexxie.  This 12 year old sweetheart has some hind-end weakness that makes it hard for her to get around (and know when she needs to poop), but she is incredibly cuddlesome – as evidenced when I visited her rescue late last year.  As soon as I approached, she just rolled over onto her back and allowed me to (requested I?) rub her belly.


Lao and Dao

Akemi desperately misses Bubba and would love a boy.  So, I thought, two boys would make her doubly happy.  These two 13 year old brothers, former strays, are bonded and still have plenty of energy despite their advanced age.



A young man at 6 years of age, Bugsy has significant mobility issues due to an inoperable cyst and a herniated disc issue.  Although his long-term prognosis isn’t great, that shouldn’t be a reason to deny him a good home.



This 8 year old girl suffers hind-end weakness to the point that she is unable to walk and needs to have her bladder expressed (which sounds a lot like Suji when we first got her).  She’s described as a big personality in a tiny little package and is given to howling for attention.  She sounds like a bit of an alpha and so, might not be a great match for Suji, but we’re looking into her.



Estimated to be between 5-7, Bocelli is blind (the result of his eyes never fully developing).  Incredibly affectionate and downright adorable, he is a bit of a barker which may not sit well with Suji.

The plan is to actually travel with Suji, sometime in early March so I can fold our pug search into a round of pitching in L.A.  We’re thinking of hitting Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, staying at a dog-friendly hotel, eating on some dog-friendly patios, and then flying back home with two dogs when the time comes.

17 thoughts on “Pug Quest 2020 begins!

  1. I like Bugsy, or Maximus Jr. Didn’t Lulu have her spine stapled? Modern medicine could help Bugsy at his young age.

  2. Awe!! They are all adorable! I don’t envy you your decision making process…. I would want them all hahaha

  3. I love Bugsy and Bocelli! They’re all wonderful though.

    I will be in L.A. in early March for the tiny (65 guests) Peter Wingfield Friendship Con. 25th anniversary. I’m very excited. My purse Lokis will most assuredly make the jaunt! Perhaps purse Deadpool too, he’s a party guy. Being next to the airport, I will be sure to wave at the landing planes. It’s the thought which counts.

  4. Yes to any of those dogs. If you get those brothers, they could fly back together in the same carrier? It may be a weight issue.
    If Suji is going, take her in with you when you see the dogs. See who she likes.
    An awesome adventure!

  5. Awfully hard to choose, but which ever one(s) you and Akemi choose will be a really lucky dog.

  6. I would adopt them all. 🙂 The brothers need to stay together, which is always problematic because most people only want one more pet at a time. You’ve already partially bonded with Lexxie, who is very cute. Tough decision! Yes, all of them. nods I love that you and Akemi and Suji are committed to adopting a senior or a special needs pug again. So often they get overlooked. It’s sad that they’re all living in a rescue to begin with. They need a fantastic home. Yours. There. Decision made. Off you go. 😉

    1. Super cute but, believe it or not, we have a bunch of pug pictures already!

      1. fair enough, though its difficult to imagine having too many cute pug pictures 🙂

  7. They would all jump at the chance to join your family and you have the skills and dedication to parent them. So, I guess it comes down to Suji’s pick. My heart says to go for a younger companion so you won’t lose them so quickly, but then it breaks for the older ones stuck at the shelter. I’d want them all, so I’m no help. There is one (or two) lucky pup(s) out there waiting for you to come take them home. Good luck!

  8. Such a difficult decision! I’d lean more toward the brothers. Suji would have a “pack” to herd. 😉

    I’m not sure how you’re going to decide but Good Luck! It’s tragic that these sweet souls are in the position of finding a home in their golden years but I Thank God for good rescue facilities. 🙁

  9. I’ll likely never know you personally, but just reading about your doggie ambitions and doggie goals gives me a warm spot in my heart.

    You’re good folks!

  10. What a choice..! Every single one deserves to be home.. however I think the brothers sound like a good bet. They will be harder to home together, not everyone is as open hearted as you and Akemi, and you’ll get a double dose of cuteness..

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