This is like an online version of the Battle of King’s Landing except that the forces joining together for this online storming hail from twitter, facebook, reddit, instagram, this blog, and all over the internet, representing the worlds of television, novels, comic books, and much more.


We storm the internet tonight at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST.  Make sure you’re following @StargateNow and yours truly (@BaronDestructo).  We’ll be revealing the secret hashtag which you should use in your tweets (and ONLY the secret hashtag) just before the hour.

Tweet away with your fellow fans – and a number of familiar faces who will be joining us.

But remember to keep it POSITIVE, especially now that we’re closer than ever!

Everyone participating in tonight’s tweetstorm will be automatically entered for a chance to win some of the Stargate and Dark Matter prizes listed in previous blog entries – in addition to an autographed photo of actor Alex Mallari Jr., Dark Matter’s FOUR!


11 thoughts on “Tonight’s the night we storm twitter! Stargate Superdrive!

    1. Nope. We all have to use the same hashtag – and we can’t release it until just before the tweetstorm.

  1. Well, in the end I can’t be there (he catches me late at night and tomorrow I have to get up very early) and I had scheduled a few tweets but I think with the wrong hashtags … I hope they get to read 🙁

    Whatever happens, tomorrow when I return home I will read everything and there I will be for Stargate.

  2. My hero Joseph! Thanks for shaking up the tree my man! You never let us down and kept our Stargate warm, writing about it, remembering it and now make it hot again! Star Trek and Star Wars are running at full speed, at a pace they never seen before. Why should Stargate miss out? Whatever happens, I appreciate all you do.

  3. Well, that was a blast! So cool to see so many familiar names.

    Looking forward to seeing the stats!

  4. Hi Joe
    That was a blast. I fell off the radar at 9:42 and sent off to twitter jail.
    Hope it was worth it and the powers that be at MGM take notice.


  5. I had a big glass of wine and tweeted until I hit twitter jail. Fun times…..

  6. Thanks, Joe, for the work you put into this! I had a blast, and when I got put into Twitter Jail around 30 minutes in (I didn’t know that retweets counted in your limit) I still had fun going through and liking tweets. now to wait until the announcement of new shows!

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