You’ll be pleased to learn I finally backed up my hard drive today.  Better late (approximately 18 months late) than never! 

While going through some external hard drives on which to place the back-up, I came across a slew of old files.  Like these trailers for Stargate: Universe. 

Never fails to give me chills.

One of the questions I often get asked is: “Was there an endgame in mind for Stargate: Universe?”  And my answer is always “Like any good cylon, series co-creator Brad Wright had a plan.  And a really great one.  But it’s up to him to reveal it.”

Then came across these videos from back in the 4Pack days…

Gotta say, the place does feel pretty quiet with only two dogs.

But I do intend to drop by Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles while I’m in L.A. so that I can leave a donation and say hi to the pugs…especially this gal…


Lexxie is a 12 year old senior with rear leg weakness looking for a good home.  Sound familiar?  My friend Robbie accuses me of planning my L.A. trip just so I can go down and adopt her.

Maybe.  But I also plan on doing some pitching while I’m there.  Although, at present, I’m not sure exactly what it is I’ll be pitching.  I was planning to lead with this BIG pitch but, to be honest, I’m not receiving much in the way of support.  Sooooo, I’m just going to shelf it for now and consider my options…

One of which is a YA sci-fi series which, on the surface, doesn’t really sound like something I’d do…except that I just did (my previous show).  I already have an open invitation to pitch it.  I just need to rewrite the pilot and draft an overview.  But first, I must muster up the energy to do so.

I’m going in for my annual physical next week.  Maybe I’ll ask my doctor if he can prescribe pills for that.

Speaking of which, for some reason, my iPhone (like me lately) loses battery life at an alarming rate.  Could it be the latest software update?  Hey, tech support!



Oh, hey!  You’ll be pleased/indifferent to learn my Snow Monkeys are enroute to yet another victory that will see them secure second place in our League Of Our Own fantasy football league.  I think we’re going all the way this year!  Reserve your championship merchandise now!

13 thoughts on “October 21, 2019: Flashback!

  1. But – did you buy a second external backup drive to have an off-site backup? 😉

    You iPhone battery could be a misbehaving app. I found the FB app particularly offensive in battery usage (not to mention for a bunch of other reasons). You could try deleting and reinstalling that. Or, like me, just use the web page version on the phone. It also could be any app that uses location services (GPS) which if they are not working right can really drain the battery fast.

    Lexxie looks like a cutie! Also tired. Kind of like the way I feel right now. 🙂

  2. Oh wow, Stargate Universe, I miss it so much, and am still getting over its early cancellation.
    I read the comic series that came after it, but it didn’t quite cut the mustard.
    What a shame !

  3. PS: is there any chance Brad Wright’s plan for it will ever come to fruition in a series or movie??

  4. Lexxia looks lie a perfect old lady. One hopes she has lovely manners.

    My annual is on Wednesday. Doc will not be pleased with me at all, but it has been a rough year.

  5. Looks like Maximus wants out of the tub already-I’m-clean-enough, Jelly is trying to stay out of the way of rough-house Bubba, and claim-your-own-space-Lulu looks a little mischievous like she could pee in the pool.

    Who knows, Lexxie could be a champion napper that turns out to be Suji’s next snuggle buddy. Go for it… her.

  6. That’s a great flashback video of the kids. Jelly and Bubba playing, Lulu chasing a floatie, and Max looking like he’s had enough. It brings back memories…of dogs I’ve never actually met. But still. =) Thanks Joe.

  7. Just getting caught up after essentially a week offline. Squeeeee!!!!! Congratulations, you two. I’m glad Lulu and Suji can finally hold their heads up at the dog park, although I suspect they’re far from the only ones with a modern family.

    Good luck with the physical. A few years ago I was having a terrible time sleeping when I read an article that said taking vitamin D at night contributed to poor sleep. Apparently, it’s not a vitamin at all but more like a hormone. Since it’s naturally produced by exposure to sunlight, your body thinks it’s time to be awake when it’s introduced to your system. Perhaps you don’t take vitamins at night but it helped tremendously with my problem.

    There is a test your doctor can do that checks the calcium buildup in your arteries. My husband almost succumbed to the Widowmaker but luckily we took him in for chest pains before he had a heart attack. He’d been complaining for months about back pain but turned out it was his heart. One artery was 99% occluded. They did a quintuple bypass and he’s fine, no damage.

    His 47 year old nephew was not as lucky and went to the ER after feeling bad at the gym where he regularly worked out. Nephew did have a heart attack but survived with minimal to moderate damage to the heart muscle. He worked out religiously, ate well, was trim and fit, and nearly dropped dead. Get the calcium test.

  8. I haven’t had any problems with the newest update but I’ve heard people complaining about it. That’s why you have Apple Care, right?

    So there’s no chance of adopting Lexxie and flying her back to your home? She looks like a girl that Suji could boss around. 🙂

    Very scary MIRTHMISTRESS! I’m glad your nephew received preventive care.

    Ponytail: How are you doing? I know life is very stressful for you and hope you can get some rest.

    MAGGIEMAYDAY: Good luck with the physical.

    Good luck with everything! Life sounds busy but productive.

  9. AWWWWW… The puppies! They were so adorable. Tub play. I can only get Boomer to go on the first step down from the ground level of our pool. I got him in the pool once; he was totally panicked. If my back isn’t in the shape it is now, I’d get him a life preserver and work with him on that, but alas I can’t so no dice.

    Love that SGU stuff. It was so different from the other two Stargates and I think that is what made me love it so. I like sci-fi that is on the dark side. Don’t get me wrong–love SG-1 and SGA just as much, but SGU is a different kind of love.

    Speaking of SGU, have you seen Brian Jacob Smith’s new series Treadstone? We finished the first episode this weekend and it is fabulous. If you like the Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon, you’ll like this, too.

    Lexxie is adorable. If you have room for another pack member, why not? With your history of rehabilitating Suji, Lexxie has a bright future.

    As far as iPhone, I have this problem with Patrick’s iPad. If the brightness is maxed out, it burns through the battery really quickly. Go to Settings, “Display and Brightness.” Then you’ll see the Brightness bar. I have my iPhone about 1/3 of the way over and made sure Patrick’s was that way too when he left here Sunday night because it showed the battery usage over the last week and apparently the unit was dead for 3 days. He can’t communicate if he can’t use his iPad. And Autolock for me at 5 minutes and for Patrick 2 minutes. We want him to use that button, but his iPad doesn’t have a passcode he has to enter. Hope that helps.

  10. Would be fun to be in the pool together with your 4pack!
    Phone … yes, sis had same issue due to the ios update. It was so bad her phone became unusable.
    I actually think Apple did it on purpose to force people get new phones. That’s my conspiracy theory.

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