Well, there you have it.  Our first finalist in the Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament.  Meanwhile, three episodes battle it out for the right to face Rising in the finals –

It’s a close one!  Head on over to twitter and vote.

Well, it looks like this just isn’t my Snow Monkeys’ year – in either of my fantasy football leagues.  I’m off to a 1-3 start in one and an 0-4 start in the other.  The 0-4 team is, admittedly, dreadful, but my 1-3 team is actually pretty damn good but just had some bad luck.  Anyway, at the end of the day it’s just a game.

A game that makes me very, VERY angry.

5 thoughts on “October 1, 2019: It’s Rising versus…?

  1. That choice of episodes is a toughie, because they were all great. I picked “Midway”, but any of them would be a fine choice.

    Sorry to hear about the Snow Monkeys. Don’t be one of those over-invested fans, though! Them folks be crazy.

  2. My FF team (Arundel’s Revenge) is doing decently this year…3-1 so far, with my next couple of matchups being lopsided in my favor, but we’ll see what the bye weeks bring. I’m blessed with some underrated players that have been performing much better than the league’s projections, so I’m hoping my luck holds out.

    Of course, I probably just aggravated you more, so at this point I’ll say best of luck and Go Snow Monkeys!!!

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