7 thoughts on “September 15, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Considering all the wet windy weather and my deteriorating health of late,
    decided on an early jaunt to a local farmers market while I still have the chance.
    Picked up some teas & homemade orange marmalade.
    Was glad to see someone had Jasmine tea.
    I enjoyed it in my youth, but havent had it in a very long while.
    So i guess we’ll see if my tastebuds are still down for it when i try it later this evening.
    Looks like sweet Lulu has made some progress over last couple weeks in adjusting to the wheels.
    And looks like Suji is trying out a new schtick as a Kpop dancer.
    I still think she should do reviews.

    Or Maybe ? ………
    You and Akemi can come up with a name, special ability and costume
    to turn her into a new superhero or advocate/rep.?
    A senior citizen Shero of sorts.
    She can be a masked cape crusader defending senior dogs from abuse and neglect.
    “Hey! You over there!! Trying to deprive that poor old lady of her daily treats!!!…..”
    Or Perhaps?
    She can be a senior dogs poster girl and advocate
    showing how she overcame the odds and improved her mobility and over all health?

    Hmmmmmm? Come to think of it …. The latter could actually work and prove practical
    if sold as ad campaigns for animal hospitals, rehabs, pug rescue centers,
    and one stop shop/all in one
    Pet Smart type retail stores. #Food4thought.

  2. I love Drea’s suggestions; especially Suji becoming an advocate for seniors and a super hero. She’s already captured my heart as well as those others who read your blog. It’s time for her to fulfill her destiny. I can’t help but smile every time I see her. I’m serious – she could provide some serious support for neglected and abused seniors or whatever role where you feel she can make a difference.

  3. There a Suji theme song which plays in my head when I see the Sunday blog. Suuuji. Suji Sunday, Suuuuji Fun day, Suuu Suuu Suuuuji….

    If she’s a superhero, she needs a super theme song! Mine is not super, just an odd little earworm.

  4. Drea: I pray you get to feeling better!

    Any marriage plans you can share? What about a honeymoon in Japan? You could have a wedding reception there too.

    I love the pictures! Thanks for the 🙂 .

  5. Yeah, I like Drea’s ideas too. Suji could be a senior advocate or even a therapy dog going to hospitals and visiting injured kids or adults. She has charisma.
    I think at the dog park she is really taunting the other dogs and saying “my daddy loves me more than yours!”

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